Andrix Mental Orchestra's Song Reviews

No. of Reviews : 2
1.  Review: Great!
Song Name: Trent Goes to Chicago
Date: 2010-01-22

2.  Review: HELL YES!!!! This is very good...I can't call it EXCELLENT because it needs some HOT vocals but other than that this mug CRACKS OFF!!! This mug sound just like CRAZY HORSE going in the midst of battle...CAUSING PAIN!!!! This is a WAR SONG MAN!!!! The tamborine is the cherry on top!!! Synth Bass is infectious!!! Sounds like U are cross harmonizing with Bass in the 1 and synth horns in the 5....IT ALL GOOD!!! 10 STARS!!! on a GREAT composition!! PEACE!!!
Song Name: Causing Pain
Date: 2009-12-11


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