Ultima Bleep's Song Reviews

No. of Reviews : 2
1.  Review: Great song....grandios. Thanks Your fan Mick
Song Name: Für die Ewigkeit
Date: 2009-06-08 13:33:08

2.  Review: Hey, great vocals, ingenious lyrics. Sounds like the vocals of the masterful Allen Ensign...check out his "Will of The Wisp" or "Will O' The Wisp?" A 60's-type psychedelic Love song with cool hammond organ. Kind of David Bowie-ish, the both of you. But better. Anyway, WOTW is published by ENKIMEDIA, formerly ENKIMUSIC. My band, REPETEN is also published by the same indie label. We also hint at end times scenario. You have good instrumentation , as well! Feel free to correspond. :) Psychedelic REPETEN's lyricist/compos er/producer, Derek Turner - SEATTLE
Song Name: I.F.
Date: 2009-05-01 00:08:31


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