Moni P's Song Reviews

No. of Reviews : 4
1.  Review: "Safe" is a beautiful ballad with great lyrics and vocals. Take a seat and just enjoy this amazing song written by Moni P :-).
Song Name: Safe
Date: 2010-12-18 02:49:59
Reviewer: Ossit61

2.  Review: This is a perfect pop song made with great style. Catchy melody, perfect vocals by Moni P, strings played by Lorenza Ponce and Peter Sachon, guitar by David Malachowski, piano by Daniel A Weiss, drums by Gary Burke and bass by maestro himself, Tony Levin! Just enjoy, folks!!!
Song Name: Good Light
Date: 2010-12-18 02:38:49
Reviewer: Ossit61

3.  Review: Moni P is a real gem among female singer/songwrit ers. She has a beautiful, powerful voice. Very groovy and enjoyable song with a band full of world class musicians: Tony Levin, Pete Levin, Gary Burke, David Malachowski and Daniel A Weiss. Poland can be very proud of this talented artist !!!
Song Name: Thanks & Bye Bye
Date: 2010-12-18 02:29:38
Reviewer: Ossit61

4.  Review: Moni P is a very talented singer/songwrit er from Poland :). I just love this song ;))).
Song Name: Speed Away
Date: 2010-12-15 17:18:20
Reviewer: Ossit61


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