Steve Hart's Song Reviews

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1.  Review:  I have listened to this young Artist since I first heard him about a year and a half ago on My Space Music. I am a long term musician, composer and performer- and teacher from time to time as well. In my time I have rarely, very rarely heard anyone with such a developed sense of composition as Steve. His songs never cease to astound me with their complexity and depth, truly light years beyond the majority of composers I know. Granted music appreciation is a subjective thing, one person's "great" is another's "junk", but for my money, this is a Talent to watch, and listen to. He is only just getting started folks. Absolutely highly recommended for fans of progressive, technical, cutting edge original work with a healthy dose of humor thrown in - which is sorely lacking in so many efforts by countless artists. In my opinion!! :-)
Song Name: Path of the Damned mov.2 (segment 1)
Date: 2010-07-28 21:02:55
Reviewer: Idjit Savant

2.  Review: This is the worst cacophony I've heard in a very long time. It sounds like an annoying promotion demo for a cheap multi-effects guitar pedal. An absolute musical abomination. Infinate skill mixed with infinate lack of feeling; (the former increasingly amplifying the latter). I rarely go out of my way to discourage anyone no matter how bad it is..but this just goes to a whole new level of awful that I never thought could exist, so in one sense I suppose it's profound.
Song Name: Bagpigeon
Date: 2009-08-03


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