RAM2000's Song Reviews

No. of Reviews : 9
1.  Review: Awesome song dude 10 stars please check out my songs and tell me what you think from Paul.D.Richardson
Song Name: Erebus
Date: 2014-06-02 01:45:30

2.  Review: This is excellent. Love everything about it. Moves you. Cool. Wayne
Song Name: Pleb
Date: 2013-06-28 23:52:28

3.  Review: Cool stuff!
Song Name: Happy Demons
Date: 2013-06-07 00:59:45

4.  Review: Great electronica sounds
Song Name: Betrayed
Date: 2013-01-01 21:22:30
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1

5.  Review: The song is derivative, has nothing new about it, has all been done a thousand times before, has little to offer that is new, BUT I absolutely love it! It is like a mantra from bands of the past. The sort of thing we all did when we were kids, in fact I'm playing it AGAIN RIGHT NOW! :)
Song Name: I Am
Date: 2011-05-20 20:05:37
Reviewer: Mavis Trapellon


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