IMRadio Testimonials

"I was discovered on IMRadio by New York promoter, Barbara Sobel. I have since been signed by Sirenia Records and Deet Promotions. I shot my first music video last month in Texas. Thanks IMRadio for the free airplay and opportunity to be discovered!"

"IMRadio is a helpful tool to artists everywhere. I know it costs IMRadio to stream this music, yet their airplay is free to artists and the station actually makes me money. I am selling more CDs than ever thanks to IMRadio. Great job Paddy Noonan & the crew at IMRadio."
-Johnny Bartee

"What you have done for so many of us Independent Musicians in such a short time speaks volumes as to how unselfish, considerate and insightful IMRadio really is. Keep up the phenomenal job with IMRadio for I know GREAT ground breaking things are yet to come because of your tireless efforts! I know that I can speak for just about everyone when I say you are a very appreciated and a godsend for all independent musicians worldwide!"

"Just wanted to say how great IMRadio is! I've been busy making sure the artists I manage set up their profiles on IMRadio and they all love it too, and really appreciate the exposure you are giving them. You have a great project here and we are all thrilled to be a part of it and to be able to watch it grow and grow. IMRadio is going to be huge!! You deserve the success!!"
-Aspire Music Management & Publicist

"wow! What a great site! Really cool music on here - opening my ears to new horizons, for anyone like me who gets real bored of what the radio churns out and its restrictive playlists, this is a breath of fresh air."
-The Sonic Soup Jam Band

"I appreciate IMRadio's support so so much as you were there in the very beginning for me."
-Sarah Solovay

"IMRadio rocks big time with its awesome new radio station and the roster of talent that is on display."

"IMRadio is a great joy, a true inspiration and a lovely place to chill out with sweet friends and new music! What a brilliant idea to create are a genius! I continue to meet some wonderful artists here and we communicate regularly. It is a whole new world that is opening up!"
-Louise du Toit

"IMRadio - it's nice to know in life, that there are people you can rely on, it gives hope to continue!!"

"Thanks in a large part to IMRadio, we have now passed the half-million views mark on our MySpace page, and Obamanation and both Endless Cycle of Life songs are going strong. Just a note of appreciation for all that IMRadio is doing for independent music makers and listeners throughout the world. is doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time. Thanks again for the wonderful idea that is now a reality at IMRadio."
-Paul O'Leary of Future Now

"What a GREAT concept, here. Thanks for giving us "independents" a chance to express ourselves globally via this site. From your new friend in Japan,"
-Carlos J. Saldana

Thank you for your kind words of support IMRadio, they hit home. It's a pleasure and an honor to be a part of the fast growing and unstoppable IMRadio phenomenon!

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