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WHO : IMRadio™, Independent Musician Radio™, i.e.

WHAT: A free internet modulation radio station for the Independent Musician (IMRadio™) website that music listeners can listen for free to local and worldwide music exclusively. The site also provides a free venue for artists to showcase their music.

WHEN: 24/7 access

WHERE: Free radio station on the internet, broadcasting throughout the USA & worldwide

WHY: Music lovers who want to learn and listen to target location and genre specific music exclusively have no current radio station to turn them on. In addition, artists have no cost effective, efficient way to showcase their music with radio airplay. IMRadio™ also provides musicians with all the tools needed to manage their own careers.

News Release

For immediate use, Monday January 5, 2009

Listeners now have a new venue on the internet to turn to for discovering and enjoying local and worldwide music exclusively. A Chicago area company, IMRadio, now provides local music lovers, worldwide, with, a free internet based radio station.

Founder, Paddy Noonan, says; “Music lovers looking to discover and listen to great location/genre specific music on a non-commercialized 24/7 radio station format, in their own backyards for free, traditionally have had zero options. IMRadio has created a free Internet Modulation Radio station for Independent Music (IMRadio).”

Any artist, singer, songwriter, band, poet and comedian can get guaranteed daily airplay on IMRadio provides a high-tech solution/scene that gives music back to the musicians in an IMRadio format. Artist staying true to their music and dreams, is an important ingredient at IMRadio. They support and encourage every musician's uncensored independent spirit.

IMRadio provides its audience with an IMRadio station broadcasting new music 24/7 that is happening today and being performed in local venues in their neighborhood and locally in other cities around the world. IMRadio provides a link to bands’ and artists’ personal/professional websites where listeners can learn about the artists; i.e. future gigs and how to buy their music and other band merchandise.

This innovative idea by IMRadio can revolutionize the music industry by giving artists a new and free way of showcasing their music to new fans, entertainment scouts, and major/independent label executives. Through, searching, finding and becoming the next recognized artist begins now, on the radio, with a virtual worldwide spin.

Says Fred Shuster, music writer; “Getting a tune on the air and being discovered traditionally meant perusing a contract with one of the big five record labels, at substantial cost. Going internet today is a vital alternative for many artists ranging from Natalie Merchant to John Tesh, creating, marketing and selling their music on the net.” Says Bob Baker at The Buzz Factor; “the musicians with the best odds of success take their career into their own hands, create their own breaks.”

IMRadio's audience can go to: and listen to new original songs for free without being force-feed music.

Jerry Mickelson, Co-Owner and Founder of Jam Productions says; “Much of the artist growth and development responsibilities lie with FM radio, on which listeners aren’t hearing a wide variety of new music. Radio owners are great at driving away their core audiences and sending them elsewhere. Now FM is so bland, people are clamoring to hear new music and are turning to the Internet to get it.”

Now local music lovers, artists hoping to discover an audience for their music and the entire music industry can come together better, cheaper, and sooner then ever before on

IMRadio also offers free chat and message boards, providing its audience with conversation options. IMRadio wants to put an end to the statement, “staving artists”. Says Paddy Noonan; “We have created IMRadio so that you can hear original music for free and that artists can get their songs on daily IMRadio airplay today.”

Paddy Noonan, Founder, IMRadio, at #847-566-1539.
Or visit the company’s website, to learn more information about the company and its services.

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Paddy J Noonan
57 Washington Blvd., Suite 108
Mundelein, IL 60060-3068

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