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Road Cases

SInce 1976 Road Cases USA has been providing both professional & amature musicians with custom & stock road cases.

RCD Music Records

RDC Music Records is located at Horstring 5, 76870 Kandel

Independent Music Awards (IMA)

For more than a decade self-released and independent label talent from around the globe have found new audiences and revenue opportunities through The Independent Music Awards (The IMAs) currently accepting submissions at: Known for supporting artists who follow their own muse, the program receives submissions from artists previously on major labels as well as self-released and indie label talent from more than 70 countries on 6 continents. Honors in more than 70 Album, Song, Music Video and Design categories are awarded annually! Earning an Independent Music Award is more than a badge of distinction. The influential IMA program actively promotes winners and nominees to millions of music fans, talent buyers, film, TV & gaming music supervisors and media outlets.

The Musician's Atlas

Why Do The Pros Rely On The Musician’s Atlas? Since 1998, The Musician’s Atlas has helped Artists, Managers, Labels, & other Pros to book more gigs, get more airplay & sell music more successfully. The Atlas streamlines Booking & Promotional chores and delivers the most qualified contacts & comprehensive listing details. So you can work less and get more done. Atlas subscribers get the vital details you can’t find anywhere else. We tell you WHO to contact, WHEN & HOW to reach them, genres sought & much more. New listings & updates added daily. Plus interactive marketing solutions that make it easy to reach the right opportunities, manage your fan lists, social media pages & more.


Limelight is a one-stop online tool that allows anyone to clear cover songs quickly and easily, for one low price. Through Limelight, artists, bands, ensembles, and other groups can get mechanical licenses which allow those groups to manufacture, distribute, and sell recordings of compositions owned or controlled by a third party publisher. License types include: physical (CDs and more), permanent digital download (a la iTunes, eMusic, etc.), interactive streaming, and ringtone sales.

Alpha Records International

Alpha Records International concentrates heavily on the promotion, marketing. distribution and booking of artists that have self-produced their own CDs. We look forward to working with and hearing from you to understand your immediate industrial needs.


New TV, mobile TV,watch free shows online, music videos, TV shows, movie trailers, a fashion documentary and much more.
Cohesive.TV is new TV producing and broadcasting tv shows and online series. Watch free shows online featuring exciting new talent, music videos, movie trailers as well as a fashion documentaries.

Capacity Productions

Legitimate Promotions for FACEBOOK, MYSPACE & more!

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When CapacityProductions.Net promotes you, real people check you out.


Check out FunMail for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. FunMail is a free picture messaging app that instantly finds a matching image to any text message you enter. Need to tell you friend that you're running late? Instead of just a boring text message, FunMail lets you send a picture message like one of the ones below. The best part is, you can send it to anyone on any phone, even if they don’t have the application!!!

What’s a Roving Festival Writer?

Here at Roving Festival Writer, we’re proud to say, “We’re not a social network. We’re a support network.” Our home is a simple, quaint Internet-based publication that could draw comparisons to the best mix tape you got in school. Yeah, we’re throwbacks. Since 2005, Roving Festival Writer has been a bulletin board for writers, photographers, bloggers, critics and fans contributing towards an ongoing quest to “document music just as.” With the music industry changing, many labels and related information mediums are being lost; however, because of the fans and consumers, an everlasting support network exists which maintains culture behind bands and brands. And that’s what we want to showcase! The culture, people and moments shaping the music industry of today, preserving those connections that brings us closer together.



Also providing in-house booking services for all markets in conjunction with album release campaigns, media servicing or tour-related promotions.

Sobel Promotions

Barbara began in the music business in the 1980’s, publishing fan newsletters for some of the most popular groups of that era. Her love of music evolved into running fan forums for bands both domestically and internationally. She was hired as National Record Promotion and Publicity for CAPP Records, and National/International Record Promotion and Publicity for ISV Entertainment and Import Sound And Vision. Also she is the North American Promoter for Aardvark Records. Barbara has joined IMRadio as a contributing columnist offering advice to up and coming musicians about breaking into the music business and promotion. An expert at evaluating bands and developing strategies for promotion, Barbara utilizes all forms of media including the internet, radio stations and ad campaigns. She edits and designs websites for individual performers and groups and her award winning work is distinguished by its originality. She treats each group individually, always keeping the performer’s vision at the heart of the campaign. Through her expert promotion the groups she has worked with have achieved great success, topping the music charts and gaining international airplay. For further information, please email at or

Aardvark Records Ltd

Aardvark Records Ltd is one of the rising stars of the UK music industry. We are a staunchly independent record label with a growing roster of original, new talent covering a variety of music genres. Aardvark’s directors bring over 30 years’ combined music industry experience to the group. This experience covers music & studio production, artiste management, music sales and A&R. While we are never ones to make a song and dance about it, our roster of acts currently enjoy sales and radio play around the globe. They also enjoy the respect and praise of hardened music lovers, journalists and industry insiders. Aardvark is a Fair Trade record label and music publisher. This goes beyond ensuring our artists receive a higher than industry average royalty split. It also means we do our best to ensure that expenses are handled responsibly and are kept to a reasonable level. We're also a Green label. While it is unlikely for any international label to be Carbon Neutral in the near future - our aim is to get as close to that benchmark as possible. To achieve this we've were early pioneers in the digital realm. We've invested heavily in digital music and audio solutions - partnering with some of the best businesses in the field.

CAPP Records

CAPP Records is an American independent record label located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It is an importer/exporter of House, Techno, Trance, and Eurodance genres releasing commercial dance hits and compilations. CAPP Records was founded in 1995 by Dominique C. Toulon & Marc J. Oshry. The label leads the industry with innovative and worldwide music distribution, reflecting the radical changes in music distribution brought about with the digital age - with conventional retail CD products, legal digital downloads through dozens of online stores, and now moving distribution even into the virtual realm.

HiltonHeadNightOut is a brand new national website that will change how you search for your dining and entertainment options…forever! YOUR VERY OWN VIRTUAL CONCIERGE! is the only comprehensive website in the Hilton Head Island and surrounding areas, with an easy to use SPECIALS & EVENTS CALENDAR, for consumers to find up-to-date information and reviews about evening restaurant and bar specials, local band schedules, entertainment/sports options, as well as accommodation offers. Businesses and bands login and make their own changes/updates 24/7 with INSTANTLY LIVE UPDATES! you KNOW the information is current! Let us show you why is The Place to Go...For the Place to Go! Visit us at or email for more information:

GigRight: Musician’s Network...

GigRight is a premier, full-service worldwide musician’s network. We promote musicians of all genres including bands, solo artists, composers, studio producers, sound production crews and record labels. We also sponsor music events. GigRight networks with music venues, promoters, major and indie music labels, music management, agencies and organizations. We keep our audience informed on current music news and resources. Member signup and monthly membership are free. Member profiles allow our musicians to post their professional resume, photos, audio songs, music videos, and also link to their own music sites. Additionally GigRight promotes fashion models, artists, photographers, actors, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and the backend production professionals in the visual and performing arts and entertainment industry. Free international musician exposure and networking in the music industry is what GigRight is all about. Please join us at

Krule Music Group

Krule music group provides Music Publishing, Indie Label, Artist Development, Bands, Music, Recording, Music consulting

Whitesmith Entertainment

Whitesmith Entertainment is a full-service talent management ?rm based in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston spanning the music, comedy, ?lm, and TV industries. We take pride in working with artists who have a unique voice, style and meaning to their fans. Whitesmith balances a youthful edge while maintaining a deep knowledge within the ?elds of touring, merchandising, online marketing, social networking, branding, sponsorship, as well as physical and non-traditional content releases. Whitesmith Entertainment is available for outside consulting services in all areas of artist development, full service PR, content releases, touring services, and online marketing.

SG Records

SG Records born in 2008 from the common idea of a group of people with different experiences in musical field, professional activity in show business, musical production, artists and events communication and promotion. Communication and musical promotion shortly become SG Records specialization area. Based in the centre of Italy, SG Records combines an enthusiasm for providing extreme music fans with the highest quality releases with a forward-thinking musical foresight. SG Records is growing quickly, SG artists collaborate repeatedly with world recognized artists and famous music brands and the number of SG releases is increasing constantly, sweeping from exterme metal to other genres, from classic rock to punk.


Welcome to the underworld of music, We are an internet radio station promoting unsigned and independent artists. It doesn't matter what genre: Hip-hop, Rap, Alternative, Rock, Spoken Word etc. Underworldmixradio is apart of a growing radio broadcasting pool consisting of over 2,600 internet, satellite, commercial, noncommercial, terrestrial and college broadcasts. We are averaging over 150,000 stream hits a month, which come from our Myspace music player app, our official website, and our artist community, as well as Itunes and our customized toolbar. If you are interested in being considered for getting radio play submit your music through the Submit Music Page. UnderWorldMixRadio is working hard to determine what it takes to make unsigned artist successful. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel of success. We are following the models of success from mainstream artist and record labels. UnderWorldMixRadio is unearthing ways to make you, the Independent Artist, successful by giving you the same tools and resources that main stream artists have access to. Radio airplay, Performance royalties, the ability to sell ring tones, and the ability to sell music to thousands of listeners are just some of the ways

International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA)

IAMA - promoting the art and excellence in performance in Acoustic Music.

D’Addario & Co.

Making music isn’t a hobby. It’s a condition. Like eye color, male-pattern baldness, and your penchant for Franklin Mint figurines, music is something you can’t help. Making it is part of your genetic code. It’s part of ours, too. Over three centuries ago in the Italian village of Salle, a small group of D’Addario's (da-dairy-ohs) sat around trying to figure out how to make musical strings out of sheep guts. Today, their descendants are running the largest musical string company in the world, churning out over 400,000 strings per day, making D’Addario “The First Choice” – and don’t even get us started on the other cool music accessories from Planet Waves. All the straps, cables, and other tools you need to be the rock star you always knew you were. With all these strings, cool gadgets and gizmos, there’s a ton of research and development to be done. So, with engineer masterminds and stellar customer service, there’s no doubt that D’Addario focuses on what you need...even stuff you don’t know you need.

Aspire Music Management

are proud to showcase only carefully selected artists, whom we believe to have the outstanding talent, dedication to their music, and attitude to their vocation that we feel are key factors in a good working partnership, and a successful career. We believe they should possess certain qualities – namely the 4 P’s – Performance, Potential, Professionalism and Personality. Whilst we do not restrict our roster of artists to specific genres, they do have to meet our high expectations, and in return, those we choose to work with, receive 100% commitment and personal attention from their manager at Aspire Music Management. We work very closely with our Artists and are always in regular contact with each other, daily when necessary. This means that all enquiries are dealt with promptly and professionally, and we always welcome feedback about our artists and their music, and of course media exposure for them. Aspire Music Management is based in Yorkshire in the North of England, but we also currently represent artists from other parts of the UK, Argentina and Ireland. For any enquiries regarding availability of our artists, or for their Press Kits, please email

The Westfield Recording Company

The Westfield Recording Company was founded in 2005 as an outlet/web presence/indie label. We started an internet radio station WESTFIELD RADIO (, which features Ratcliff Bailey and Indie artists from all over the world. The Westfield Recording Company also assists local bands in the Ashland Kentucky/Ironton Ohio area, our base of operations. We produce the Westfield Indie Alliance show, a place where indie artists of all styles from all over the world can get their music played on several stations, and the list is growing. Come on over and be our friend! We'd love to hear from you.

StCloudNightOut is the only StCloud, MN area website that brings you all of your nightly entertaining needs at the click of a mouse. If you are looking for any type of nightly entertainment you can search the Events/Specials Calendar on any day of the week and find what you are looking for. Let’s say you are just looking for a fun night out but you want to save some money, you can search the Events/Specials Calendar for any Drink or Dining Specials in the StCloud, MN area. All events are posted and updated by the businesses themselves to make sure that they are current. also has a directory of information on StCloud, MN area RESTAURANTS, BARS, BANDS, and ENTERTAINMENT LOCATIONS.


Front up, tune up and play loud: MySchoolAct is an online talent competition created exclusively for Australian high school students who live for their music. One winning Act will score the ultimate career kick-start, picking up a recording deal from the team at Sony Music Australia. MySchoolAct welcomes music from every genre - we don’t mind if it’s your latest original song or favorite cover, as long as it’s your best performance on video OR mp3. What are you waiting for? Get your Act together! Get on to MySchoolAct!


BloomingtonNightOut is a great new website specifically geared toward local dining and entertainment. You can easily locate exactly what you'll need for a night out on the town. Better, easier and more informative than the old way of looking up businesses we also have a Google map link so you can find where you're headed! Check us out to see what we have to offer, even if you don't live in the area or are traveling, we are launching sites all over so click on our locations page to find a site near you!


RockfordNightOut is the only Rockford area website that brings you all of your nightly entertaining needs at the click of a mouse. As the premiere resource for drink specials, concerts, and entertainment, is linking fans, bands, and venues to provide a one-stop-shop for planning a night out on the town.

LacrosseNightOut is the only Lacrosse, WI area website that brings you all of your nightly entertaining needs at the click of a mouse. If you are looking for any type of nightly entertainment you can search the Events/Specials Calendar on any day of the week and find what you are looking for. Let’s say you are just looking for a fun night out but you want to save some money, you can search the Events/Specials Calendar for any Drink or Dining Specials in the Lacrosse, WI area. All events are posted and updated by the businesses themselves to make sure that they are current. also has a directory of information on Lacrosse, WI area RESTAURANTS, BARS, BANDS, and ENTERTAINMENT LOCATIONS.


Independent and unsigned musicians looking for a new platform to showcase their talents, a place to find their true audience and get discovered, should look no further than – a new Web site that empowers fans to find new artists and where artists can gain new fans. IndieCollision give artists a platform to promote their music, it also provides them with an interactive map that plots fan locations across different cities powered by fan voting. For music fans, IndieCollision offers them a place to discover new music from true independent artists. The site allows fans to search for artists by city, as well as by genre. Site-goers can even vote on the artists they ‘Love’ – the most ‘loved’ artists populate to the top of the search, directly affecting how artists are discovered.

Online media

Directory of media: newspapers, magazines, radio, blogs and television.

PeoriaNightOut is the only Peoria, IL area website that brings you all of your nightly entertaining needs at the click of a mouse. If you are looking for any type of nightly entertainment you can search the Events/Specials Calendar on any day of the week and find what you are looking for. Lets say you are just looking for a fun night out but you want to save some money, you can search the Events/Specials Calendar for any Drink or Dining Specials in the Peoria, IL area. All events are posted and updated by the businesses themselves to make sure that they are current. also has a directory of information on Peoria, IL area RESTAURANTS, BARS, BANDS, and ENTERTAINMENT LOCATIONS.

New Music Seminar

The New Music Seminar, which for 15 years was the #1 music conference in the world, will again be the number one place for networking and building business partnerships that will become the foundations of the new music business. The NMS will provide delegates with opportunities to meet with the leaders of the new music business, get the advice, information and tools to do it themselves.


The NAMM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing active participation in music making across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs from the international music products industry. NAMM unifies, leads and strengthens the $17 billion international musical instruments and products industry. NAMM’s activities and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages. NAMM is comprised of approximately 9,000 Member companies. For more information about NAMM or the proven benefits of making music, interested parties can visit or call 800-767-NAMM (6266).


DIY: A term used by independently-driven artistic communities focused on creating opportunities for themselves, rather than relying on the aid of paid professionals. is DIY. Our goal is to provide independent musicians with the most comprehensive and reliable venue database on the web, by fostering a collaborative environment in which users post and rate venues from all across the U.S. for free. The only way to accomplish this objective is through quality user participation, and because this site’s resources are only as good as its members, we encourage and engage input at all levels. To this end, not only arms users with the tools necessary to book a successful independent tour, but it also offers a personalized emailing system enabling users to contact venues from our ever-growing database with a simple click of the mouse. That being said, take advantage of these opportunities, give back a little, gain a lot, and enjoy the ride.


MusicGorilla is a leading commercial marketplace for independent musicians and their work. We combine our passion for music, commitment to the independent movement and deep roots in the entertainment industry to help hundreds of artists get their songs heard and licensed by labels, music publishers and players in the television, film, advertising and Web/gaming industries. Unlike other licensing marketplace sites, MusicGorilla guarantees that your music will be heard by industry reps using our site every day to find material from the comfort of their own offices. We never charge song submission fees or take a percentage of your licensing deals, instead offering MusicGorilla as an affordable subscription-based service. At no extra charge, artists also take advantage of unlimited free submissions for music and songwriting placement opportunities, and receive the opportunity to play live in our frequent major label showcases. IMRadio clients get a 15% discount on membership, just enter the promo code IMRadio in the promotional code section of sign up.

Sirenia Records

Sirenia Records was formed back in 2004 with bits and pieces from what was Cetacean Records. The idea was to put more resources behind less releases. The name Sirenia comes from Greek Mythology. The Sirens according to Greek Mythology were beautiful women who lived on a rock in the Mediterranean Sea. The myth states that they sang so beautiful that no sailor could resist them and upon hearing their voices would strand themselves on the rock and die of starvation bewitched by the beautiful songs emanating from the Sirens

Deet Promotions

Deet Promotions sets records up for crossover success using Hot Mixers at Radio as the foundation to build that house. Deet Promotions is the only Dance Promotion Company to set up showcases for their artists during all the major dance music events as well as one offs in markets where dance music is being supported by an influential Hot Mixer or Radio Station. Deet Promotions is also sponsoring a set of Mix Show Hits compilations with various Hot Mixers throughout the country.

Custom Interviews

Be Different! Be Bold! A Custom Interview will sell your music. Tell YOUR story to the masses. Let your fans meet the "real you" in an interview with talk radio professional.


HUMTOO is a (free) online community connecting content creators and music makers across the globe. HUMTOO operates a project marketplace for projects in search of music, as well as a user generated production music library. HUMTOO is also running HUMFEST - a new project development initiative for the best short film uploaded on HUMTOO in search of music, and also for the best music pitched for that short film. HUMTOO will give AU$1000/US$650 to the best short film uploaded to the site as a project in search of music. HUMTOO will also give the same amount to the music maker who wins that project. This money will help you to continue making great short films and great music!

Arzuk Productions & Entertainment

Arzuk Productions & Entertainment is a very small production company, located in Ridgecrest California, we compose our own music, recording, mixing and promoting our own Cds. We also in some occasions collaborate with other artists from other parts of the world and the USA. We have a small studio where we record and produce our music. As Independent musicians we support independent Artist and we created a program Arzuk Artist of the Week, in which we choose a group/artist/band for a week and feature them in our pages, giving them a little bit of exposure.Arzuk members are Gonzalo Arzamendi "Gonzo" Founder, Steven Zukaitis General Manager, Jigg Jangs Composer and Producer.
You can find us at:,,,

Deuce Management & Promotion

Deuce Management & Promotion has established itself as one of the leading companies to offer services to unsigned/newly signed bands and artists worldwide. With a growing reputation of being at the forefront of the best new music on the scene and with its idyllically placed office in London, they aim to ensure bands and artists are offered ways and means to get their music heard to a wider audience. For a free evaluation on your music, please send a link to your material to Rob Saunders at

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