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North Sydney

Pop Rock

About Us:
Mark Boutilier, born March 6, 1985 - raised in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, is an emerging Canadian singer-songwriter. After successful completion of the Music Technology program at McKenzie College in Sydney, Mark focused his ambitions on songwriting. After a short hiatus from performing and writing with his local band "Fallin'", Mark started recording in September of 2009 with Mark Scott, owner/operator of Smashbox studio in Dominion, Nova Scotia. It was there he started to carve out the foundations of his future as a solo artist faced with the task of making an all acoustic EP. "My mindset when I first entered the studio was to quickly create an album using only acoustic guitar and strings - to give people a sample of my singing-songwriting chops as quickly as possible. I just wanted my music to be available. I started in September and I wanted to be finished in January. As the album started to take shape and the songs came to life through the recording process, it was as if I had opened Pandora's box. As the compositions developed, the more eager I became to offer listeners full instrument arrangements, including bass, multiple guitar tracks, strings and drums." Accordingly, what started as an acoustic EP quickly took shape as a full length album taking 8 months to create on a part-time basis. "The time spent creating this full length tested my patience and determination, but I now realize that it gave me and my co-producers the time to dissect the arrangements and make changes to suit the overall mood of the album. Each song has been worked over and no compromises were ever made in their creation from start to finish." "Into The Sun" can be described as a modern, reflective, collection of songs which touch on a wide range of topics: recovering from the loss of loved ones, emotional journeys through hardships, defeating depression, and the need for change in people's perception of the world in which we live. "On the surface, the tone of this album could be considered sombre, but it's really about creating change through positive long term thinking. As you start to move past the music and into the lyrics, you'll see it's more uplifting than depressing", he admits. "It represents the balance of light and darkness that most people struggle with today." These contrary forces align in the ever changing mood on the album. Upbeat, modern alternative rock tracks like "Lose Another Day" and "Turn The Tide" collide with adult contemporary ballads like "Last Confession" and "A Song For Elle". The album is twofold; it conveys a modern song-writing style with vintage sounds. This dualism is noticeable right down to the album artwork which attunes a vintage black and white theme with modern day surroundings. "I plan to promote this album any way possible, wherever possible - locally, nationally and internationally. From local restaurants/bars and busy street corners to online distribution channels, I plan on bringing my music to as wide an audience as possible."

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for anyone that wants the album

for anyone wants my debut album u can click the link on my youtube site which is and there will be a link on for you to buy the album on itunes.thanks.


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