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1.  Review: This really touches the heart !!! :)
Song Name: Can You Hear Me Now?
Date: 2010-09-15 11:58:38
Reviewer: Elfwine

2.  Review: I like this song !!! As i'm going Green too
Song Name: We're Going Green This Christmas
Date: 2010-09-15 11:54:39
Reviewer: Elfwine

3.  Review: Cool song !!! Very nice !!! well done !!
Song Name: Blue Opal
Date: 2010-09-15 11:50:41
Reviewer: Elfwine


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Fayetteville, NC


About Us:
Just me, Mark Holman, an unknown music dabbler and rogue poet who has an ability to conjoin note to syllable. . .so I write songs, eight full albums on my own, one with Wolfgang Wollny, my German musical friend, and a compilation album of songs I have done with other folks. . .These are a few of them you may enjoy simply because I opened Pandora's Box and let people listen to colored air I imagine complete with Harbor Horn vocals, also just me. . .I do it all simply because I have no other choice at present. Talk about rolling a boulder up a 47 degree incline. . .higher order language works, eh?

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I am looking for opportunity - 5 albums of music that is earthy, wholesome, with something for everyone, . . .

Keyboard is busted

So, I am on a slight forced break from completing my ninth album, Asphalt Refugee. . .Hopefully, I will have some help.



Can You Hear
Me Now?

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2016-09-06 at 17:04:07
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2014-02-09 at 03:54:37
Finished album 9 - Asphalt Refugee. Yay, a new cheeseboard to slice the sonics. Having fun coloring air is about the best I can do. Working on MyPhone the tenth album now. Seven songs into it. . . Thanks for stopping by to listen to very homegrown music. All of this music stuff is for you Aunt Helen. I miss you tons.
2013-05-30 at 15:25:01
Music makes me laugh, . . and why not? There's ale=ways a way through note to transform mood. . .still standing yet hindered with no keyboard. . .maybe a good fairy will acquire one for me. . .
2011-01-04 at 10:17:28
May 2011 be the year that all of your creative musical dreams start coming true. Wishing you a Prosperous, Healthy and Happy New Year. Paul.
2010-10-26 at 02:46:45
2010-10-12 at 21:26:18
A bus, truck, or plane is all I need to get to where you need me to be. Holworks is ready to bring wholesome music to you. . .direct and live!
2010-09-10 at 05:16:09
Greetings from Serbia ! great stuff here! please,listen my songs...or give your friends to my country Serbia not support artists...H E L P
2010-08-14 at 18:23:50
Thank you are great keep in touch check us out on my page. I AM A FEATURED BAND ON IMRADIO HOME PAGE YOU CAN RATE ME HERE. WE Thank you.
2010-08-11 at 12:02:23
Congrats!!! Wish you luck so that you can make on IMRadio's Featured Artists Band wall again and again!!! :) Lots of love, Calley
2010-08-08 at 07:46:50
Thanks to all who pass this way. I hope I made you smile, . . .it is colored air and ePod quality that reminds me of how far I have come and how far I have yet to go. . .one ear at a time - yours, yours, yours, and yours, certainly not as many as some but definitely more than there were before. It is an honor to present my life to you in song. . . .Mark Holman - Holworks
2010-08-05 at 10:35:23
Nice tunes!
2010-08-04 at 14:26:11
Thanks for the post there neighbor. Fayetteville has such a great scene but we just have to be patient when it comes to outsiders coming in to hear.
2010-07-31 at 10:10:50
Nice to meet you. "When You Cry Out." Great Track. Strong Song, Sound, Style and Vocals. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2010-07-23 at 07:40:57
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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