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Gospel Hiphop/Afrofusion

About Us:
Emox was Born n raised in 64 west.He started rappin at the age of 12.7years later,he is an equal member of Gospel Mercineriez,Emox is comin with his gritty, fast flow urban style and versatile delivery that captivates audiences in 64 also known as LD.This time its gonna bang the universal music industry n wake em from slumber. Poised to deliver more truth to the world, Emox comes with a much-needed message married to a diversified style that is appealin to all. After years of ministry to large and small venues, from churches to outdoor stages with audiences ranging from the inner-city to the suburbs, Emox has gained a first-hand insight of the issues and struggles that people are facing.With this Emox is bringin life n feel good music.Get ready!

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More music from here.Listen n download

Hang on

When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. Never ever give in to the blinding forces of despair

Gospel Mercinery

The only time I lose is when it's my memory, I ransack evil camp n never say sorry, That will be another story in his orbituary...

I speak

I speak in a language that only the soul can understand,but which the soul cant translate;I speak music.


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2011-09-13 at 16:35:46
Hi there! Great music :) Please support our new page:) Thank you! Cheers!
2011-07-03 at 10:36:28
Thanks for dropping by EMOX...
2011-06-23 at 20:53:16
Thanx Raylene . @ Michael Dile, thats 4 sure
2011-06-23 at 20:39:57
Thanx Raylene . @ Michael Dile, thats 4 sure
2011-06-21 at 11:28:26
nice work EMOX :) blessings!!
2011-06-12 at 11:47:14
EMOX, I have added a Jazz flavored song called "Tired Of Just Talking" to my page. When you have a moment drop by. Blessings, George Michael Dile
2011-06-10 at 15:28:54
Big up to all doing the kingdom work. Armour , we in this together;in the great commision,to find the lost souls and save them from this age of messes In Christ we go strong! Amen
2011-06-05 at 00:18:45
Greetings brother, It is very encouraging to us to hear from christian family around the world doing evangalistic work through music with a perfect heart onto Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Keep on sharing His love and know that we too are at work in the harvest, with you....much love...your family in Armour....John
2011-04-26 at 22:38:30
Check out some of my songs fam. One
2011-04-13 at 10:56:33
Hi, we’d like to hear some of your songs in IMRadio’s radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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