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Song Name: Surrender Dorothy
Date: 2010-02-03

2.  Review: Beautiful!
Song Name: Scarborough Fair
Date: 2009-07-08


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Smooth Jazz / Electronic Ambient / Dance Pop

About Us:
A professional vocalist from California, Bonny Morgan traveled the world with various Top 40, Jazz, Disco, Funk and R&B bands. She is married and lives near Halifax as a dual American-Canadian citizen. Bonny now writes & produces music under the name “DJBonseye” for video games, film, tv and more.

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Can't Compute & Rod Serling

Sunday, 22 February 2009 influence Ive been watching the Twilight Zone and the Night Gallery a lot lately, the old ones with Rod Serling in them. I believe it to be influencing my newer music. Especially stuff like, 'Can't Compute'. This new stuff I've been creating is completely different from Acoustically Yours, but I hope some will walk through the fire with me. :) Posted by bonnymorgan at 7:12 PM EST Updated: Sunday, 22 February 2009 7:21 PM EST

Sound of Art - Surrender Dorothy

Posted by bonnymorgan at 10:26 AM EDT Wednesday, 13 May 2009 Surrender Dorothy I just finished working on something which was for a painter who needed something for his live show. He's painting scenes from The Wizard of Oz. I created a song based on one of the paintings which is from one of the darker moments in the movie. I'm really excited about it. I've decided to include it on my next album. Cheerio!

A Bit About Bonny

Bonny Morgan - Singer/Songwriter/Producer "Golden Voiced Singer and Songwriter” "Smooth and Alluring” - City of Toronto Events Brochure "Bonny Morgan is a Secret Weapon" - Ron Brooker, Saxophonist, Music Educator "Bonny Morgan is one of the best singers in Toronto" - Rami Zabanagh, Keyboardist, Band Leader "Bonny is an amazing female lead singer. Believe me when I say she kicks ass. Actually, by the end of the night you have no ass left, just a bloody stump where your ass used to be!" - Rolly Saulnier, bassist, Downstroke Funk Band “Your song and voice were so beautiful I was moved to tears” - James Jennings, Artist, “Sound of Art” participant Bonny Morgan’s CD “Acoustically Yours” is a collection of smooth jazz and torch songs receiving airplay across Canada on the CBC Radio Network (who called it “Mmmm… Flavourful”, “Nicely Done” & “Exactly what we’re looking for!”) and WhiStle Radio - for which she also wrote a station ID jingle. Released under the name DJBonseye, “Digitally Yours” is a forceful, ambient, dance-pop album with funk and groove to spare. The grooving, cinematic scenescapes painted by DJBonseye are a Twilight Zone-esque fusion of electronica, pop, dance, avante garde, urban, ambient, chill out, and trip hop. Bonny’s music can be found on dozens of the world’s most popular online radio and music download websites, including & iTunes. She writes and produces music styles ranging from jazz, country and folk to pop, dance and electronica; and continues to perform live with a variety of different bands. Bonny was recently featured on the “In a Song” cable TV series created by John Serré showcasing Canadian songwriters, and guested at the Ontario Latcham Art Gallery’s “Sound of Art” series. A native of California, Bonny’s many live performances have included The Troubadour in Los Angeles, The Stardust in Las Vegas, and lengthy contracts in Hawaii, Japan, China, Korea, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, where she met her Canadian husband and now resides as a proud dual US/Canadian citizen in Ontario, Canada. In Canada, Bonny has performed at many exclusive venues and events such as Toronto's Nathan Phillip's Square Summer Jazz series and WinterFest series (as seen on CityTV), Canadian Cancer Society's Relay For Life, Stouffville Mayor Sue Sherban’s Fundraiser, The Toronto/Scotiabank Jazz Café Yonge St. Stage, Royal York Hotel, Windsor Arms Hotel, Hard Rock Café, Niagara Fallsview Casino, Metro Toronto Convention Center as well as hundreds of other clubs and private events. •Among the many stellar musicians Bonny has performed on stage with, some of the more notable include Russ Little, Bill Mulhall, Russ Miller and Evelyn “Champagne” King. •Bonny acted in a comedy troupe called the Improvables and performed at The Improv in L.A. •Bonny’s song entry in CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge titled “LET’S GO!!” placed in the Top 100 popular vote out of 15,000 entries. •Bonny Morgan is represented by The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), The American Society of Composers, Artists and Publishers (ASCAP).





Poundin' the
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DJ Bonseye


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Hey Paddy & Friends, Thanks for the features and all the kind words and friendly greetings! Have a Happy Day!! :) Best regards, DJBonseye
2012-02-19 at 14:14:31
Hope all is going well for you.
2011-12-03 at 15:55:27
Hi DJBonseye, wow, it's cool you are an IMRadio Featured Band..congrats! Great tunes. Have a super Saturday!! peace
2011-06-11 at 16:39:27
Hi DJBonseye, thanks for supporting IMRadio with your outstanding music. Keep your eyes on our IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall, as you will see yourself up there again soon…congratuls. Have a wonderful weekend! peace, Paddy
2010-11-29 at 22:58:45
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2010-11-01 at 21:33:36
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2010-07-08 at 15:09:32
Greetings!! Thanks for the kind words! Enjoy being on IMRadio! Peace, Veronica
2010-06-20 at 19:01:44
hi Djbonseye, nice job on Surrender Dorothy! peace
2010-06-13 at 13:57:12
Heey DJBonseye :) Thank you soo much***** I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music and for the feedback:) And thanks for the friendship and welcome 2 my page! You know you are always invited to my page okay, so stop by any time to say hallo alright :) Have a great sunday!! Wishing you love, peace and happiness:) Stig Michael. can also right 2 me on
2010-05-09 at 12:55:35
Hello! Very cool songs. Really like Funkengruuven Phil the Er on the left
2010-02-18 at 04:37:20
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2010-02-01 at 22:12:36
Pretty cool music indeed.
2010-01-22 at 01:34:59
Wow.,.Thats Beat.,.,.Thats beat Peoples.,.,. nice pics as well.,., Peace
2010-01-05 at 16:12:42
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