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Jerry Criner aka Cryout's Information

Hutchinson, KS

Reggae,, Funk, Soul, and World Beat

About Us:
Singer songwriter Jerry Criner aka Cryout, Cryout has toured and recorded for over 15 years, The latest news from Cryout is that Jerry Criner found his music in a movie called He;s on my mind . Jerry Cryout the movie had been out almost three years. This is what happens when you are dealing with a bad label. The label is Sunsety Records Tropical Record label . This label is bad, and this is how they talk too the artist there at the label, This is the mesg, Cryout got when he ask about the Royalties from his music. and Cryout has found out his music is selling well and being put in ads and film all over the world what are talking about and no ( never replied to me...I dont know what to tell you about money. If you want...we can drop you from the label but I need to know now. You play 5 shows a year. In your own city where all 20 people that attend your shows...have your music. I have set you up in the most incredible and viable way ever that in ten million life could not have come close to my reach...but of course,...just like every asshole that is like you...u do no work..and you expect tons of money...u put in three albums worth of material that cost about 6k to set u[p on a bad fucking day...but thats not enough for you....I think its best that you go to another if you could get another deal in so ya know what dude...go fuck yourself and go fuck your career, are dropped from tropical...good riddence...go complain to anyone else on this planet...about your career...but one..and I mean no any life time would have given you the chances i have done...see ya.... 12:58pm This is what the real deal is. All of Cryout releases were recorded and CD covers done by Cryout , Cryout'a music is in ads like for Puma way be for Tropical records even new about Cryout. They never gave Signing money or anything to Cryout to record and put a CD together. So this is from Cryouts hart to other artist STAY INDIE Oh yea Tropical is suppose to be a Indie label. But thay are doing bad things stay away from Sunset Records and there Tropical Record Label The movie one of Cryout's song NO Man is in is called HE's On My Mind

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