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Okinawa, Japan


About Us:
American Singer/Songwriter living in Japan, who's musical focus is a Jazz-Based approach to Pop, Rock & Soul. Please visit official website for more information!

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Choose To Win!!

You can have anything on earth that you want,… as long as you get off your Butt and go for it. Once you mentally accept the fact that you can have it, all it takes is physically DOING it. You see, the only thing that stands between you and what you want from life is simply the will to pursue it and the faith to believe that its possible. Only your mind sets your limits. While your character is formed by your circumstances, your positive spirit can shape those circumstances. The one thing that you have absolute control over is your own thoughts. And while negative realities are created by constant Negative thoughts,… it's a positive mindset that puts you in a position to control your own destiny. Your greatest power is the power to choose. So in 2009,… let's choose to WIN. Stay true to your Dreams,… Stay true to Yourself,… and always Stay Positive!! Carlos J. Saldańa


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New CD out! Stop by official website for details!
2009-12-20 at 20:22:55
Hi Carlos, wishing you a wonderful Xmas! May your Festive Season be full of love, peace, health and happiness!!!Greets JoJo
2009-11-12 at 17:14:49
Hey, it's a pleasure to meet you! Have a great time ahead! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-09-03 at 08:26:33
All Hail from PERSIA.
2009-07-18 at 01:57:44
Have a great weekend my Friend!!!JoJo
2009-06-28 at 23:08:30
Hi Carlos. Hou are you? Thank you so much for your kind words. Please have a look at the Featured Artist Showcase on the Home Page, with Louise du Toit, co-composer and singer of our new group "AINESHANA". Wishing you a great week!!!
2009-06-28 at 17:44:03
hi, your song, Love Will Guide Your Way, is a good one! Nice work! peace
2009-06-28 at 00:10:27
Hello Carlos. Thank you for your words of encouragement and for being a fan. Enjoying your music so soothing. - Blessings - J
2009-06-27 at 17:44:41
Hi Carlos,thanks for being Fans and Friends,great music there!!!Greetz JoJo
2009-06-27 at 07:40:21
Hi Carlos! Thanks for all of your positive comments! Love your music! Nice jazzy piano work and great vocals and arrangements! Best of luck with it!
2009-06-27 at 06:58:39
Ciao my friend.. thanks for getting back with me... ..keep in touch.. Michael Allen
2009-06-25 at 06:41:06
Hi Carlos! Greetings from Montreal, Canada. Pleasure meeting you and glad to be part of your world. You ROCK. Great music, great work and smooth vox. Have a great week! Keep rockin’ … it’s the only thing that matters! Cheers, Purple Herbie.
2009-06-23 at 16:23:08
Carlos, Thanks for the kind words. They are greatly appreciated. I love your vibe & style!! Keep up the great work an stay in touch!! Respect! Bray Tarver
2009-06-20 at 18:24:22
Hi Carlos, nice to meet you. Thanks for your inspiring message! Enjoy your weekend and keep up the great work! Wishing you love, peace and happiness, Louise.

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