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Pittsburgh, PA


About Us:
Event Horizon began as a pure concept - a dream. This takes it roots during the teenage years of young artist Daniel Williams’ life, playing in rock bands in high school. The experience of these groups (Dust, Novembers Dying Skies) led him towards flexing the creative muscles required, and in Dust especially, he took over primary song writing duties. However, this just wasn’t enough. The sound wasn’t right. With influences such as Dream Theater , Muse and Metallica around him, it was difficult to match up to that standard. So he began to create. Over the next 3 years, until the age of 20, he continued to write until completing the lyrics and music that would become his first album. On a budget of $50, he recorded a 9 track solo album only using a Line 6 Tone Port. In April 2010, this became the first release, ‘One Final Day’. This album achieved everything he wanted - initial exposure to his compositions, and developing the skills and techniques required to record and mix. And yes, it even made a bit of money on the side. Reviews were generally positive from the online community, with users on Rhapsody and itunes giving it 4/5 stars. The album itself plays itself into the Progressive Rock genre - but emerging from it comes a sound that his very much Wiliams’ own. Although not clear on this record, glimpses are seen, in Burning Tears, One Final Day and Last Words Pt. 1. From here, Daniel began to grow. Over the next 2 and half years, a multitude of events allowed the creation of a different form of expression. A new album in the pipeline, the current tracks are a departure from the classic, Dream Theater -esque sound Williams had discovered before, and is heading more towards uncharted territory. The musical excess has been trimmed, and new elements from new influences (Rammstein, Skrillex, Korn, Nine Inch Nails) have begun to shine through. A more orchestral, all -encompassing sound is now his new goal, learning from the old and seeing into the new. No release date is set as yet, but the work is progressing well, with a multitude of tracks being prepared in Daniel’s new home of Pittsburgh, PA.

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2 New Songs DONE!!

Hello to everyone, Hope you're all doing well!! As you may or may not have noticed, the site is looking a lot more cluttered, shall we say, than it was a while ago. That's because I've been reather busy trying to promote this project, by setting up on various other websites in the hope some people might pass by and enjoy the music :) The links are all up, so head on over to see whats going on!! Also, grab some banners if you see them, either on here or on Reverbnation to spread the EH word!! The main things for me at the moment, its that now I have 2 songs DONE (except vocals of course) for the new album!! Appropriately its the first and the last ones, so now I just need to fill in the middle!! Writing is going very well, and I'm hoping that I'll have finished the instrumental recording in the next few months I'm enjoying the process so much more this time, its not so much of a pain, and now that I have new sounds and new software, I'm finally able to realise the dreams I've had of creating the kind of music I want to create - the EPIC levels have gone through the roof, and all I'm going to say about the last track is that if you can listen to it and not cry then either you're made of stone, or you're lying . Apart from that there is not as much to report, but I will be keeping this updated as to my current progress - I'm hoping that new music and new artwork will be up later this year!!! All the best, EH


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Heavy stuff, dig the music, cool vibe.
2010-05-10 at 09:19:42
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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