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Las Vegas, NV

Gospel Rap

About Us:
I was born in the small country town of Rosedale, Mississippi. I had two brothers and two sisters when my father died at age five. I was always big for my age and had an appetite of a grown man. My mother, who had always worked, had to work even harder to be able to provide for all of us now that she was single. She unfortunately did not have the “quality” time to give us children that we needed for direction, so she tried to push us to get in involved with church. When we moved to Memphis TN I was a scared 9 year old boy in a big city, I had never seen so many people in my whole life. It was a new way of living for a boy left alone so much, every time I turned around I had to fight. It was then that I met my girl that carried the same recognition for the Lord that I did and we were inseparable. I stopped working for the clubs and started hustling again. I wanted to travel and she had never been anywhere so we set off to different places keeping our home base in Huntsville. It was my girl’s dream to move to Florida so after we visited I knew it was where God wanted me to be. I gave up hustling and made a vow to try to be a better man, a grown man that depended only on the Lord and we were able to move to Florida. I have always rapped throughout my life and my brother kept a make shift studio wherever he lived. I would visit him and write some, but I was never able to write with any depth until I dedicated my music to the Man above. I started looking up different beats on You Tube and various internet sites so I could write His music. I kept this up for about 4 months day in and day out until I had a significant number of songs. I tried to record in my new hometown of Fort Walton Beach FL but it was hard to find a studio much less studio time. So I had to go back to the place where I had first developed my passion for music, Memphis TN. I jumped on a greyhound bus and made the 17 hour trip to finally make an album. My mission in life is to spread the Lord’s message through my music. I pray that through you and many other factors I will be able to do what

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God woke me
up this

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