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Date: 2010-09-13 23:13:06
Reviewer: VCHERI

Date: 2010-08-15 10:30:27
Reviewer: Roland

3.  Review: I love this song and you make a great job of it
Date: 2010-08-10 06:47:15


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Snowshoe, WV


About Us:
APRIL 17, 2009 Dear Friends And Fans Of KIM KEHALA, Follow Artist KIM KEHALA'S pursuit of her neverending dreams at for the Comical Side, as well as at and and usic for her Musical and Artistic endeavors.... Please SIGN UP as a FAN and STREET TEAM MEMBER on her sites to keep the music, art, and laughter flowing! Please place her widgets and banners on your pages and pass them on in your comments and emails. There are lots of photographs in the widgets! AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED was her second release to radio this week, and TRAIL OF TEARS was her first release a few years back and was also one of The Top 50 Most Requested Songs of 2009 on ACRN.FM at . THXOX! Leave comments on which songs you like and call the radio's to request Kim's releases! Tell Kim which radio's she needs to send her tunes to for you to hear them! Thank you for all the support and prayers. Kim says, "YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND AND IN MY HEART!" Have patience with her as she is as slow as an old snail stuck in quick sand! LOL! Sincerely, Kim Kehala and Kim Kehala Music THANKS RADIO STATIONS FOR PLAYING MY MUSIC!!

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"ARTIST OF THE WEEK Congratulations to Joe Gande for being chosen as NuMuBus Artist of the Week!" 9-1-2010 Hey Folks! I am running on empty here and need a few clones to help with my construction job of my Artists' ShowPlace and road work and music... If I am behind on the music, PLEASE FORGIVE ME and SEND MONEY, MEN, WOMEN AND/OR ROBOTS!! Just so they can do something to HELP OUT!! Please join the Street Team at and for more specific details or updates! Thank YOU and LOVE YOU ALL, Would love it more if my road gets fixed before winter, or my furnace, or my chimney... Hugs and blessings, Kim Kehala and Kim Kehala Music PS. IM RADIO for WV made's Local HOT SPOT this week and last week's Featured Event!! YOO HOO! THXOX to Lanny Priester Music for helping fill out the show schedules on ReverbNation! KK and KKM


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2011-10-17 at 01:18:02
TRAIL OF TEARS - Beautiful
2011-09-13 at 08:14:39
Boo! ;) lol What's up, KK? Been awhile...been mia but still kickin' with my freak flag flyin'!
2011-09-07 at 19:11:06
You are invited to join United Artists for FLorence Cassez, an artistic blog in support to Florence, unfairly jailed since december 8.2005 in Mexico.WE NEED YOU ALL! She 's been claiming her innocence for almost 6 years now! Forence counts on you for support. Thank you. UAFFC. Nous vous invitons rejoindre United Artists For Florence Cassez,page artistique de soutien Florence injustement emprisonne depuis le 8 dcembre 2005 au Mexique. Nous avons besoin de tous ! Presque 6 ans qu'elle crie son innocence ! Florence compte sur vous . Merci. UAFFC.
2011-04-18 at 08:38:50
Hello, I'm a producer in Japan (#1 in Hip-hop and #8 across all genre in Japan on the ReverbNation chart and many songs on top of the SoundClick charts). I post 1 monthly new song that I mixed, composed or arranged with artists from all over the world and all genre. It's the monthly tune project! Check it out!_____________________ ________ My Headquarter and mailing list: http://www.reverbnation.c om/remidesroques _________________________ ______________ - Thank you- Remi Desroques http://www.wavereaderprod .com
2011-04-05 at 08:49:17
Hey guys, Ouzo the band new Chill out CD "Psychedelic Autumn" is out now! Available on Cdbaby: ouzotheband6 and i-tunes: s/album/psychedelic-autum n/id418378181............ ... Spread the word ...if you may! Cheers :))
2010-11-08 at 22:52:30
Hi together, you can listen my new projekt "-MONK- Hop in November (2010)" here: . The Track is too long for ImRadio 15:33min. I made it in my small Homestudio with cheap Equipment, but it is not so bad. Feel free to visit my Page. Good luck manjo
2010-09-26 at 15:48:52
Real class fantastic voice.regards Pete
2010-09-24 at 14:34:52
Thanks for the Friendship Kim..all the best with your music..I'll be in The States Soon...Ciao Sylvio
2010-09-24 at 14:33:28
Thanks for the Friendship Kim..all the best with your music..I'll be in The States Soon...Ciao Sylvio
2010-09-24 at 14:32:01
Thanks for the Friendship Kim..all the best with your music..I'll be in The States Soon...Ciao Sylvio
2010-09-14 at 22:45:12
one must always be willing to Look Beyond their own Limitations, in order to achieve their Dreams...for show me someone who Dehends their Limitations and I'll show you somene who Gets to Keep them!... Peace Frontline
2010-08-29 at 01:09:21
Best wishes to you and may all your dreams come true..
2010-08-19 at 03:41:20
Hello Kim The Er Brothers are now on the West Virginia Playlists now. Thanks for the request! Phil the Er on the left
2010-08-18 at 00:04:12
pink floyd huh??? @ acrn ??? wtf??? lol
2010-08-16 at 23:30:47
Thanks Kim for the advice will do. By the way the Ol' Er Brothers are a Featured Band this week. Perdy Cool! Phil the Er on the left
2010-08-11 at 02:48:07
Hi Kim!!!! Thanks for being a fan!!!!! Nice to see you here, there and everywhere!!!!!! (: God Bless You!!!!!!!!!
2010-08-11 at 01:58:18
Hey kim, It's a pleasure & hope your week is going nice.. Sure, I'd love to have my tunes played on the West Virginia IM stations ... Bring it on hun !! Thanxxx.. Gary V :-)
2010-08-10 at 17:39:41
HI Kim. Your music is country, but YOU rock.
2010-08-10 at 13:46:27
Hey Kim, Thanks for hitting us up here. We really enjoy your music, and are thankful for your support. We wish we could be on W.V. imradio airplay too, but short of moving, don't know what we can do. Maybe we can lobby Paddy and the gang to give us a temporary visa! Anyhoo love your music and thanks for putting us on your label at reverbnation. We are honored. Phil the Er on the left
2010-08-10 at 06:07:43
yep, it's me havin' some fun to! :-)
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