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Bleu Lane's Song Reviews

1.  Review: texas rocks
Song Name: Church Of Da Blues
Date: 2015-04-20 14:24:20

2.  Review: great groove (as they said in the '60's: groovy!)
Song Name: Black Moon Groove
Date: 2010-11-13 10:04:40
Reviewer: Roy Schwedt

3.  Review: Awesome tune! the vocals are so cool. :)
Song Name: Everything I Want
Date: 2010-07-30 03:07:15
Reviewer: Calley Daniel


Bleu Lane's Information

Austin, TX

Blues/Southern Rock/Hard Rock

About Us:
Band from Austin Texas composed of Bleu Lane and his sidemen and women. 11 piece group with 3 guitars, keyboards, bass, horns, drums, lead and backing vocalists who interchange themselves as the group has 5 lead vocalists who also perform on other instruments. Genres include: Blues, Hard Rock, Rock, Southern Rock and Western Swing.

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Thanks to all who find us here!

Thanks to all of you who may find us here. I hope that you will continue to support my music & I have the chance to support yours as well. For those who have My Space & Reverb Nation pages please come add us there & share in the exposure I can help you with on these pages. Also find us at Noise Head where you can find airplay immediately & new fans who will promote you to other sites too. So if you are a promoter, agent, label, or other music business related touring or performing company or artist & want to invest in a great band & an artist who was there on the ground floor when Southern Rock started I am here & waiting for your response. There is only one way to go & that is up. Wishing you all success here on this site. Peace Brothers & Sisters!


Flowh Calendar


2010-03-05 at 20:10:57
Rockin tunes keep it loud and proud:) The Fores
2010-03-05 at 16:25:41
you are good. thanks for your music. vaspan
2010-03-02 at 20:04:09
Hi, Thanks for the friendship. Greetings! Andre
2010-02-26 at 08:40:17
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2010-02-26 at 02:31:42
Always nice to REAL music played by REAL players. I wish you continued success. - - - - - - All The Best, - - - - -Tony DiLorenzo
2010-02-26 at 00:03:27
Oh Baby ~ Enjoyed Da Listen.Your IM.Bro.(~;Yrral Mallik of Songramp AKA Larry Killam of Facebook Group Songwriters Unite.Over 1400 members and growing;~)
2010-02-25 at 04:37:43
Love your work. Thanks for the add. Lance
2010-02-25 at 04:11:55
Great songs thanks for visitng our site cheers Mike
2010-02-24 at 03:54:17
Hey Bleu - Thanks for checking out my music. Great sound!! Kick-ass rock & roll! Keep rockin & best of success in 2010! - Sal
2010-02-23 at 08:14:01
Hey Thanks for beinning a fan. Your sounding great!!!!! Peace Glenn
2010-02-22 at 18:05:29
cool vibey sound Bleu lane!!...chek my tunes if u got time..cole.
2010-02-21 at 20:58:42
We're glad you like our music! You can download every tracks from Enjoy and comment! Please, vote for us for that we can play on the best Hungarian summer rock festival! Choose Frank0 Zer0! http://www.rockmaratonfes Thank you a lot!
2010-02-21 at 14:30:03
Greetings from Ukraine! Wow... we enjoyed your tunes so much. Please, stay in touch.
2010-02-21 at 09:17:05
Wishing you peace and light on your musical journey! Jennifer
2010-02-20 at 23:02:52
Heey Bleu Lane:) Thanks for the friendship and welcome 2 my page! You know you are always invited to my page okay, so stop by any time to say hallo alright :) Have a great weekend!! Friend Stig Michael.
2010-02-20 at 19:00:52
Welcome bleu line!
2010-02-20 at 18:45:56
2010-02-20 at 14:15:03
Nice sounding songs. Nice to hear real organ again. Just like the old day's. Chris / Drummer Starcycle from Detroit
2010-02-20 at 08:56:51
BTW Would love to here you guys do some "Free" Stuff :)haha ((*_*))
2010-02-20 at 08:53:46
Incredible energy and Fun !!!!! Awesome band !!!Loving that big full sound !!!! Thanks so much for fanning us :) All the best and have a brilliant weekend :) Jen Australia
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