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IMRadio Is Here For ALL Artists

Independent Musicians Radio (IMRadio) will become a revenue-share internet radio station, revolutionizing the age old royalty based model of traditional radio stations. Instead of paying royalties on the original songs that it airs, IMRadio will put money directly into the musicians’ pockets. At absolutely no cost, any artist in the world can upload their original songs for airplay, as well as creating their own online store for their merchandise. With IMRadio, every artist, singer, songwriter, band, poet and comedian gets free airplay. As an “open source” radio station, IMRadio has attracted a huge audience that is growing daily. IMRadio features original music by independent artists from all 50 states, as well as over 75 countries, performing in 80 different genres, meaning our listeners will never be at a loss. However, as opposed to other internet and terrestrial radio stations, the listener is always in charge. Turn on IMRadio and let it play all day, or change locations, genres or songs as many times as they want. IMRadio is a station where both artists and listeners can interact, review songs, add to forums, enter contests and place a widget on their home page to share their music with their fans. Artists receive a profile page where they can communicate with their local fans and introduce themselves to a worldwide audience. It is also a great place for artists to promote their upcoming concerts. Also in the works are plans for an industry changing technology, Live Interactive Virtual Events (IM TV). “I love hearing new songs on the radio, learning more about musicians and eventually going to see their concerts,” said Paddy Noonan. “That’s why we started IMRadio. We’re a radio station by musicians for musicians.”



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2012-05-11 at 19:51:14
Hey Paddy!! thanks so much for the Great happy to see a site that works well and actually helps musicians...for the love of great music...instead of out for the corporate BUCK!! Michael
2012-05-10 at 04:14:31
Hi everyone! Glad to be back! Kindly check out my video Massive Waste of Energy; here's the link- tch?v=97FJo8-0yaY
2012-05-01 at 00:41:08
Hello Paddy and all the Great Artist on Imradio...I think it is time we Had a "Rate-o-Rama here,I think when you Have featured Artist,other Artist should Drop on by and Check out a Few tracks and Give them a sound Rating...we are all here for friends and feedback so lets not get lazy my friends,why work so Hard at it if we can't be Heard...Indie Music is where it is at,you are free to express your thoughts and Music no Questions asked so Catch as many of your Brothers and Sisters as Possible...Peace... Frontline
2012-04-30 at 06:05:31
2012-04-29 at 16:27:11
To all my fans and IM Radio I'll be playing live on wild nite radio on saturday may 5th from 8:00-10:00pm thank you for your continued support
2012-04-29 at 01:50:26
Thanks Paddy, we really appreciate you supporting us. Have a great weekend too. Shelley from Elbow Sisters.
2012-04-18 at 13:30:14
I would like to thanks IM Radio aways for the Support. Yours are very very amazing. Hasta vista Paddyyyyy ;)
2012-04-17 at 11:50:34
Have a nice week. Greetings and hugs. Isa
2012-04-17 at 06:40:45
We would like to re-launch our newest single Silly of Me on the charts. Please have a listen this week. /player/single_player.cfm ?songid=11179089&q=hi&new ref=1
2012-04-16 at 22:48:07
Hey Paddy sorry it took so long to get back at you but I almost met the maker last July and have been rehabilitating myself, trying to get back into playing shape again. Hope all is well and will hopefully talk to you soom. :-) WVM aka Shadow
2012-04-16 at 13:42:22
much love
2012-04-15 at 08:11:05
Paddy, YOU ROCK!!! Sendin' great peace n' light your way from our Northwest Tour, currently in Bainbridge Island,Seattle!!! The show was AWESOME tonight, and we're definite fans of Bainbridge Island. And we're fans of IMRadio!!! We're proud to be in the rotation with such talented artists. We're rockin' Mendocino County Monday!!! Talk to ya' ma great man!!!-Nick (The Subjective Perspective)
2012-04-14 at 17:15:06
I will be playing live on wildnite radio may 5th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm thank you IM Radio and my fans for your continued support peace and happiness always
2012-04-14 at 16:35:33
Hello to all "IM Radio" people and to Paddy Noonan personally! Dear Paddy, thank you for the attention to Mila Dream (Olga Mertsalova)'s creative activity and music is always with you!Was out of Internet for a while, but i am happy to find your words on my page!!! Yours sincerely, Mila Dream (Olga Mertsalova)
2012-04-09 at 17:09:40
Wow Paddy! So glad you enjoy the music. Thanks again and we appreciate all the "shine" you give us on IM Radio. Be blessed!
2012-04-09 at 17:07:50
Hi Paddy, Just a short note to tell you that I've just posted my new song "Hom[m]e" on IM Radio. Best regards, eric
2012-04-09 at 14:31:06
Dear Paddy, thank you for your lovely messages! It was certainly a lot of hard work to complete all three albums, but also a great joy at the same time! I am thrilled with the way that they are being embraced by the listeners. And...knowing that these albums will support different endangered and suffering animals in their plights for survival and freedom, is what really makes it worth it all. Otherwise, I am slowly starting to catch up with my websites, while also continuing the creation of my two new musicals - I have written and arranged most of the music, but I am working on the scripts and stage designs now - and in about a month we will start our Summer Concert Season for 2012, so our days are full of rehearsals now. Things are hectic, but a busy musician is also a happy I have no complaints at all! LOL I wish you a wonderful week and will return here soon...until then...lots of love and many blessings! Louise xxx :):):) xxx
2012-04-07 at 01:24:01
Hi Paddy, Thanks for your kind message!!......I'm glad to be back with your outstanding station again...It has been awhile...
2012-04-06 at 10:18:02
Thanks Paddy... have a great weekend friend Stig Michael (Denmark)
2012-03-29 at 22:28:33
Dear Paddy, I don't think I got to get online to thank you for your wall post, so here is a belated thanks! Your support means a lot to us. This website is the best we have used to get our music out there! We also just made our music available for download on the internet if you wanted to check that out:
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