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Chicago, IL

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IMRadio Is Here For ALL Artists

Independent Musicians Radio (IMRadio) will become a revenue-share internet radio station, revolutionizing the age old royalty based model of traditional radio stations. Instead of paying royalties on the original songs that it airs, IMRadio will put money directly into the musicians’ pockets. At absolutely no cost, any artist in the world can upload their original songs for airplay, as well as creating their own online store for their merchandise. With IMRadio, every artist, singer, songwriter, band, poet and comedian gets free airplay. As an “open source” radio station, IMRadio has attracted a huge audience that is growing daily. IMRadio features original music by independent artists from all 50 states, as well as over 75 countries, performing in 80 different genres, meaning our listeners will never be at a loss. However, as opposed to other internet and terrestrial radio stations, the listener is always in charge. Turn on IMRadio and let it play all day, or change locations, genres or songs as many times as they want. IMRadio is a station where both artists and listeners can interact, review songs, add to forums, enter contests and place a widget on their home page to share their music with their fans. Artists receive a profile page where they can communicate with their local fans and introduce themselves to a worldwide audience. It is also a great place for artists to promote their upcoming concerts. Also in the works are plans for an industry changing technology, Live Interactive Virtual Events (IM TV). “I love hearing new songs on the radio, learning more about musicians and eventually going to see their concerts,” said Paddy Noonan. “That’s why we started IMRadio. We’re a radio station by musicians for musicians.”



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2011-11-24 at 02:31:02
Hope Everyone At ImRadio Has A Wonderful Thanksgiving Day and Great Weekend Ahead. Jimmy
2011-11-23 at 22:15:32
Hi Paddy, We are proud and honored to have you as our friend! Happy Thanksgiving!! Gary Morgan owner/tenor The Hallmark Quartet 4A www.thehallmarkquartet.or g
2011-11-23 at 21:39:06
Happy Thanksgiving to Paddy and all our Pals at IM RADIO! Love and Best Wishes, James and Keri Walsh
2011-11-23 at 17:31:06
Cheers to Chicago Paddy and Happy Thanksgiving from BLUROK and NE Ohio. ROKON
2011-11-23 at 16:38:59
Frost 2 NEW EP between largest House Music Legend's Records ( Maurice Joshua Digital Label, King Street Sounds, Ultra, Atlantic, Atlantic Jaxx Recordings) Records etc..on .. .. .. .. .. -Vocal House Chart... Thx all. ;) ..Top 11 Frost: Going Back To My Roots EP(Masters) Top 12 Frost: Chicago Weapon EP(Masters) Top 16 Basement Jaxx EP Top 22 Lidell Townsell Nu Nu (2011 Remixes)(MJDL) Top 19 Various Artists Soulful House Journey: Groove Assassin(KSS) Top 16 Robin S EP(Atlantic Rec)Top 20 Kim Sozzi Crystallized (Ultra) .. .. .. .. Best Shop Of Best People's And Frost more NEW EP Top on .. .. .. .. (Top 100, House, Minimal, Tech-House, Electro )Chart's
2011-11-23 at 16:30:15
Dear Paddy, I will...kind regards sira
2011-11-23 at 15:23:41
Hi Paddy! Thanks for giving us a shot here on IMRadio! We hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving! Peace, Knight Skreams
2011-11-23 at 15:21:58
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your staff, Be happy and enjoy this time with your family and friends. Best Wishes Allan
2011-11-23 at 11:29:50
Happy Thanksgiving,. ~CheerS~ from the Pirate ~_/)~
2011-11-20 at 01:46:07
Thanks a lot Paddy!!! You are such an inspiration!!!. You created the Radio that made my music heard worldwide and your quip that"we should enjoy our talents" really works. GOD bless you,Sir
2011-11-19 at 11:41:26
Thanks so much for your beatiful words abaut my music..! Ferrais
2011-11-19 at 03:17:43
Paddy, wishing you and everyone here @ ImRadio a very Happy Thanksgiving Day and week. Lets All be Thankful for all we now have and all we will have. And I'm looking forward to adding some Holiday Season Songs
2011-11-18 at 08:52:03
2011-11-13 at 23:54:13
Hi Paddy, You came to mind today and I wanted to say that I appreciate you and all that you do. Blessings always...
2011-11-13 at 12:15:51
Hey Paddy, thanks so much for the message of support and for all you do for us. Blessings to you brother, you're the greatest!
2011-11-12 at 03:32:42
Hi Paddy, stopping by to see how your doing. Hope all is well my friend Michael
2011-11-11 at 23:50:07
Hi Paddy, just stopped by to wish you a Happy Vetern's Day Weekend. Thanks for the support. Making a lot of new friends and listening to a lot of Good New Creative Music
2011-11-09 at 05:52:49
Thanks so much for the sweet message and for inviting me here!! Means alot!!
2011-11-07 at 03:50:38
Hope you had a great weekend! :)
2011-11-05 at 20:32:22
Hi Paddy TY for the kind words! Lee
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