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1.  Review: interesting & pretty cool.
Song Name: Carry On
Date: 2012-06-20 01:50:35
Reviewer: VaspaN SmerdiS

2.  Review: interesting & pretty cool.
Song Name: Carry On
Date: 2012-06-20 01:50:34
Reviewer: VaspaN SmerdiS

Song Name: Yet so Alive
Date: 2010-11-16 23:53:58
Reviewer: ZERGOTH


Zicatrices[ZCARS]'s Information

Puerto Rico


About Us:
We are looking for a manager and record label The "Zicatrices" Project, began in the year 1997, the first band consisted of two lead vocals, Male and Female and the genre was Heavy metal in Spanish. After one year, Because of Musical diferences, the Band Broke up. In the year 2008 (ten years later) Blackie Ricardo (guitarist) and Ermak (Keyboards) who were in the band since its beginnings, decided to reunite the band, but this time with a new and different musical approach; Gothic Metal! after a long search new members entered the Project, like Joel in The Drums and a lead vocalist worthy of the Energy, Meriel and power lead guitar and second vocal this is the story of Zicatrices, a band of Professional Musicians, who just love to creat Music. Band name meaning: Zicatrices- from the spanish word Cicatrices which means Scars

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Hello everyone



Hard Rock
Cafe SanJuan
Puerto Rico





Flowh Calendar


2010-02-07 at 23:12:30
HI!THANX & All the best!!
2010-02-07 at 23:10:09
Thank you for friendship. I 'll listen you. All the best A.F
2010-02-07 at 22:10:52
Hi thanks for finding me & your friendship! Greetings from Switzerland.
2010-02-07 at 21:55:58
Thanks for turning me on to your music and becoming a friend.
2010-02-07 at 18:20:47
Be blessed friends! O.R.M.E.
2010-02-07 at 18:14:17
Heey Zicatrices:) Thanks for the friendship and welcome 2 my page! You know you are always invited to my page okay, so stop by any time to say hallo alright :) Have a great weekend!! Friend Stig Michael.
2010-02-07 at 16:58:12
Good sounds - like the vocals
2010-02-07 at 16:52:50
Thanks Zicatrices 4 becoming a fan of mines & checking out my music...I luv your work also...Keep making it do what it do...Vote 4 me to be the next artist signed @ /trixx repeatedly...Greenupp...T rixx ind
2010-02-07 at 15:36:16
rock on
2010-02-07 at 13:00:18
Thank you and much respect from a rock and classic dinosaur! ;)
2010-02-07 at 12:10:55
mmmmGreat Sound,I love "Carry On" All the best,Marc
2010-02-07 at 11:26:46
Very kool music!!!!!! Peace, VZ
2010-02-07 at 11:25:42
"Ringo" video/Vinnie Zummo, former Joe Jackson guitarist Hi! Thanx 4 the add. Much appreciated. If U are wondering what I'm about musically, here are some links: My new video "RINGO" at: tch?v=ggaCXHIbqTw My new CD: "Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America" at: o2 MY SPACE SITE: VINNIE ZUMMO BEBOP TRIO LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE VIDEOS AT: sults?search_query=Vinnie +Zummo&search_type=&aq=f "Retro Cool Bossa Nova Christmas" CD at: zummo New CD in collaboration with Chill Factor 5 called "The Venus Effect". Check it out at: sic/article/electronica-g roup-chill-factor-5-retur ns/ SAMPLE CDS: "DROPPIN' LIKE IT'S... Nu Jointz #2" Just released hip hop sample CD at: http://www.soundsonline.c om/NU-JOINTZ-II-DROPPIN-L IKE-ITS...-pr-ZG161.html KOCKTAIL KOLLECTION Lounge Music Sample CD at: ndex.cfm?articleid=973 Please check out and join my fan page at: roup.php?gid=197122266788 Peace, Vinnie Zummo QUOTES REGARDING MY "SWINGING GUITAR SOUNDS OF YOUNG AMERICA" ALBUM: "A cool minty fresh zephyr wafted th rough my CD player when Vinnie Zummo's CD started to spin. It turned into a blue sky spring day and in my backyard it sounded like The Ventures meet Steinberger at a party that Chet was throwing for the Beatles. A very nice CD, congrats!" Steve Vai "There's something sort of touching about how many songs are obvious tributes to specific people . . . and also how there is no obvious connection between them (Earth Wind and Fire and Les Paul?!)  In the end it kind of makes me chuckle. It comes across very much as a musician doing something from the heart rather than thinking like an A&R man.  And of course there's great playing." Joe Jackson
2010-02-07 at 11:19:40
Hi, thx for becoming my fan...Thank you.. Greets Motzer Mannheim/ Germany
2010-02-07 at 10:46:08
Thanks for bringing me into your world. Mystical. A great theme ,and use of imagery. eternal Life is awsome!
2010-02-07 at 08:38:15
beautiful music, I really liked the tunes, congratulations
2010-02-07 at 08:06:31
"Yet so Alive" was real awesome !! Great to be friends...
2010-02-07 at 05:56:17
thanks for taking the time to stop by and check us out and becomming a friend! we look forward to checking out your tunes !!!
2010-02-07 at 05:14:43
2010-02-07 at 03:37:24
I like your sound. Keep it up! Thanks for adding us on IM Radio. Soulbox
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