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About Us:
Music style: -electro-house-techhouse-experimental drum & bass Camarilla's special stylmix makes it distinctive. It mixes elements such as Electronic, Techno, House, Drum & Bass, Spiritual, Mystic and Dark. Since 2000, 'the musician creates their unique sound. She is a spiritually minded 48 year old Berliner. With your cover half angel half demon (angel wings) It is open to your duality Their music seduces us into other worlds. Stylm�ssig you never laid down and experimented with everything. Camarilla is a sign of: -Feelings-hope-love-peace Provocation is also no stranger to her ... -Your music sounds dreamy .. mystic ... but also deep-loud and provocative. About yourself: * I feel music as a spiritual experience, to move as the biggest heart and means to excite sensations. I get goose bumps forget everything around me, I go on in the music, I feel hit me holistically, taken into the maelstrom of Music'' -this is a very nice experience-

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happy time to all

We live with our bodies in successively the times and Inkarnationen and have all longing after at home, the unit. From it we come and hope again there to go. The world of the unit is love, understanding, devotion, timeless present (eternity), dissolution and ITS. I wish a happy time to all Camarilla


Flowh Calendar


2011-04-18 at 09:46:18
Hello! Thank you very much for the friendship. I was charmed by your music very much. Please listen to my musical piece by all means. Give a listen if you have the time. I need the feedback!!! This song is music that I offered, and the woman is singing. SHOKEO performs in gSTING ME, BABYhg(no more) LIEShand VIDEO, and SHOKEO sings. *** Twitter me : *** okeo oromanchistripperband 498/ *** m/de/album/no-more-lies/i d405156142*** *** p/artist/shokeo/id3758610 15 ***
2011-04-18 at 06:20:33
Hello Camarilla, thanks for becoming a fan. I haven't been able to play you music yet on the new imRadio player but will keep trying. Please let me know which songs of mine you like? Thanks & Best Wishes............Steve
2011-04-18 at 03:35:15
Hello Camarilla, I was wondering what song did you like the most out of the two?
2011-04-18 at 02:22:12
thank u for to be my friend!
2011-04-18 at 02:22:10
thank u for to be my friend!
2011-04-18 at 00:14:33
Hi guys great music you have here, great :-)
2011-04-17 at 14:42:08
2011-04-17 at 08:10:32
Thank you for your friendship Awesome
2011-04-17 at 06:22:17
Enjoyed your tracks and video's Excellent...
2011-04-17 at 03:45:17
thanks fa becoming a fan
2011-04-17 at 03:18:12
Thank You for becoming a Fan of "Wild Bil'Z BlooZHoundZ!!!" This means a Lot to Us! Can't wait to hear Your Music! Always, the Music. Wild Bil McCombe
2010-09-08 at 00:02:13
Great Sound! mfg
2010-07-05 at 11:49:49
Hi Camarilla, Congratulations on being a Featured Band. Nice to meet you Have a great week. Phil the left Er http://www.reverbnation.c om/the39erbrothers
2010-07-03 at 03:12:05
I love "Light is Singular".. great song.
2010-07-02 at 15:46:19
Hi CAMARILLA, great job making it up on IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall. Love, Calley
2010-06-30 at 07:51:29
hi Camarilla, nice job making it up on IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall. Cool songs. peace
2010-05-19 at 02:43:53
Hi Greetings from Vancouver BC Great songs here. We wish you all the best and may destiny lead You and the music to Greatness Mike.
2010-05-18 at 08:47:18
Nice tunes!
2010-04-08 at 13:47:32
Great rythme great sound God bless you from London uk
2010-02-28 at 20:01:40
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