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1.  Review: I like this song !...
Song Name: Aufwiedersehen 2
Date: 2011-07-16 16:26:04
Reviewer: N�guzay

2.  Review: Awesome voice!
Song Name: Auf/wiedersehen
Date: 2010-09-20 07:48:44
Reviewer: Isa Conar

Song Name: LOve LIke I've Never Had Before
Date: 2010-08-06 07:31:34
Reviewer: bandoleirorenegado


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Hello friends .. Yes it's bin a long time...I'm trying to upload vidoes bue not being successful.. very frustrating..Is anyone having problem uploading?.





Over My Head

Flowh Calendar


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2013-01-19 at 10:13:23
Hello & Happy New Year to all of my friends...It's been a long time.. Am still making music , currently working on another track "REBEL" soon to can check out my latest track "Tap Dancing Over My Head".it's a reggae on youtube can also check ..val johashen proud2 o2. Many thanks ..All The Best.
2012-02-27 at 10:56:15
Write a comment... Val Johashen shared a link. Walk Away Because I Can L
2011-09-06 at 14:59:58
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2011-08-01 at 02:08:19
Thanks Val, i enjoyed listening to your songs very much, you are always welcome to visit my page as i yours.
2011-07-23 at 19:45:02
nice job Val
2011-07-16 at 20:56:19
Geofery uramah is a wonderful artist.. also met eco Minot.. queen Omega...bushman..oooooh many more..lots of picks including me sleeping in back of car.. hahaaaaaa.. wickkkkiddd!!ma friends came bk with me to do recording..who knows we may hook up in France .. London?? Bless, hope u have a smooth musical journey.
2011-07-16 at 20:49:45
aaaaaaaah.. i was in Paris last tuesday..i attended the reggae festival in Bratang.. forgive my spelling..i'm sure u know what i'm talking about .. wickkkid time i had..made contacts . met the lovely artist.. I had a tiringly brillant time..was hoping to perform..i was invited by Arhaman Revelation.. check out facebook!! trying to promote me..any help will b most welcome ..haha.
2011-07-16 at 15:10:40
Val.J thank you for your nice comment! ... Pantin is a suburb near Paris (very close) I take this opportunity to place a big up to all the massive London! ... delighted to count you among my friends and I hope to see you in Paris or London if the opportunity arises! ...
2011-04-14 at 10:15:43
Hello, I'm a producer in Japan (#1 in Hip-hop and #8 across all genre in Japan on the ReverbNation chart and many songs on top of the SoundClick charts). I post 1 monthly new song that I mixed, composed or arranged with artists from all over the world and all genre. It's the monthly tune project! Check it out!_____________________ ________ My Headquarter and mailing list: http://www.reverbnation.c om/remidesroques _________________________ ______________ - Thank you- Remi Desroques http://www.wavereaderprod .com
2011-01-14 at 19:29:51
2010-11-12 at 19:08:30
i just revised my "Asia" very happy with the results ,,,,please check it out and let me know what you think....thanks!!!
2010-10-06 at 00:45:50
2010-09-25 at 18:19:38
Hi Val! Thank you for your nice words! I like your music very much! My favourite track is "Love is all around me". Wish you the best!
2010-09-22 at 10:10:52
val i love your style, sorry i took so long responding i was on vacation in puerto that place....thanks a great deal for listening
2010-09-20 at 17:48:10
Thanks Val.Have a great week.Isa
2010-08-31 at 03:06:48
Thank you so much, you're great just like your lovely music :)
2010-07-28 at 14:18:52
Wow....great to see you up on IMRadio's featured artists wall. Keep rocking!! Love, Calley
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