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Hawthorne, CA

Electronica / Techno

About Us:
PEDAGOGY Many can make beats, as many can make sounds to make you move; but how many can make you think? How many can make you, understand? Pedagogy is the one. Pedagogy is motion in mathematics. Pedagogy is passion in technology. Pedagogy along with ModHouse Records bring you Abstract

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Cdbaby Has the Latest Pedagogy CD Abstract's And contradiction's On Sale for $2.99 for the Whole CD. That is $2.99 Peoples for the Whole thing. What do we do? What do we say? Buy it. You got to, don't You? Pedagogy .,.,.,.,., Pedagogy

You Tube Video

Hey Peoples out there, Has anyone worked with a Good Video Crew that can place it on You Tube and elsewhere with good quality effects and a good price?? If so let us know at www.ModHouse or leave us a post here, Thanks !!



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2010-05-30 at 09:09:44
sweet 'lectrik sounds over here...;))
2010-05-18 at 14:21:51
Thanks to you my friend, have a nice day and keep in contact.. peace robert
2010-05-01 at 05:50:12
greeting from Serbia! nice music! please,listen my songs. in Serbia not suport artists... h e l p !
2010-04-20 at 22:18:48
really really like what ur doin here, man! that spoken word.... whoa..... 'illusions are our realities are our illusions" ;) thatz been my understandin for a very long time.... xoxo
2010-04-12 at 20:21:34
Thank you so much man. I am feeling your vibe as well.
2010-04-10 at 18:35:53
Hi there my friend... yes its true .. the last days its a day too.. and every seconds count till the end!!! Have a great time! Hugs.. Rick from Panic Syndrome (Portugal)
2010-03-27 at 18:26:17
Cheers for your comment, and let me say smooth is what's happening over here on your player. Peace! - Rick
2010-03-26 at 02:51:06
Dear friend, thank you for your support, we wish you all the best! Aineshana
2010-03-11 at 20:59:26
Really nice stuff you're doing, we're a fan !! The Clampetts
2010-03-02 at 03:15:23
Hey Jake! Thanks for becoming my fan!Keep the music playing and have a great week!!!
2010-02-27 at 02:15:49
Glad to meet you..Nice work here.Very cool producitons...Ron
2010-02-24 at 04:48:20
~Hi, dig your music. We just became your fan, we could use some help maybe getting a few fans of our own. If you have a moment would you become our fan? Thank you so much. Be well. ~Trip Johnson Band
2010-02-22 at 03:01:00
thanks for dropping by and for the nice comments. I love Lady of the Lake. I like the Glitch drumming in it. Very Cool! Keep the great music coming.
2010-02-20 at 04:36:33
Thanx!!! Best wishes from "Apocalypse"!
2010-02-19 at 20:38:47
Hi form Paris Thanks so much for your comments on my page. I played your tracks too, I must say you've got your sound, a lot of pretty visions. Take care Denis
2010-02-16 at 05:54:37
"Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Paul.
2010-02-16 at 04:08:37
Thanks PEDAGOGY.... Greetings from Germany... olliS "Composer modul6".... Nice Week for you all...! Cheers!
2010-02-16 at 03:47:13
Hey! Thanks for your words! Wish you all the best! Greetings from Argentina! Dh
2010-02-12 at 06:00:04
Thanks for the add. Keep rock solid and have a cool week. Best Regards R.S. RECORDS Team.
2010-02-11 at 02:38:59
you know what it for strip clubs...hahaha peace to all my folk in HARR-THAWN
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