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Michel ROUSSET's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL sound! So energetically-relaxing!
Song Name: GIVE ME FIVE ©
Date: 2010-04-21 12:48:05

2.  Review: Another very good piece of music. I like this very much!!
Song Name: MYSTERIUM ©
Date: 2010-01-19


Michel ROUSSET's Information

Los Angeles, CA

Jazz, classical, fusion, rock

About Us:
Michel Rousset is an international pianist, arranger, composer, writer, and a richly expressive artist whether he is creating Jazz, Alternative, Pop, Jazz- Biographie Michel's Music ~ by Michel Rousset, an international guitarist, pianist, arranger, composer, writer. >> Ask Siri: "Play Michels Music, DEEP COSMOS." on iPHONE or, iPAD.

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2012-11-18 at 11:05:46
Hey Michel, congrats being on IMRadio's Artist Spotlight again. I dig your songs...great work! peace
2012-06-05 at 05:51:19
Very nice music, thanks for sharing! :) Kay
2011-09-23 at 14:06:24
Hi there! Great music :) Please support our new page:) Thank you! Cheers!
2011-09-17 at 17:12:59
Hi Michel, congrats on making it up on IMRadio's Featured Artist Spotlight wall. I'm enjoying your music while writing you. freeDave
2011-04-19 at 08:42:14
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2010-10-27 at 13:21:52
Hi, Calley wishes you success in whatever you do. Great you are featured on IMRadio!! Enjoyed your music. Keep it up!! Love and Blessings!!
2010-10-03 at 14:40:06
Hi Michel, your song Mi Amor is beautiful!I can imagine going for a late-night cruise with the top down while listening to it.Keep doing what you do. Peace!
2010-06-11 at 07:38:34
Nice stuff! I like it!
2010-06-03 at 11:29:55
very nice, Araybia
2010-05-10 at 18:07:29
Greeting from Serbia! nice music there! please,listen my songs. in Serbia not suport artists... H E L P
2010-05-06 at 20:02:16
Very fine "Mysterium", I feel great and various culture of a real musician. a lot of suggestions and old my listening well pasted
2010-04-30 at 17:59:49
Hey, Michel... Thanks for listening and for your very kind and generous comment! My tracks are a little distorted on here with too much echo, but glad to know you took some time to tune in anyway. I’ll be back to listen to more of yours… for sure!!! Thanks again, and have a superb weekend… - MP
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