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Victoria, B.C.

classic rock/ blues

About Us:
We are mainly a cover band playing classic rock n roll and the blues! We rock out of beautiful Victoria B.C. Canada. We have been doing "The WEEDS" thing for Over 20 years, and we`ve played everything from motorcycle shows to dog shows, money makers, and paid practices. We have been through a few players in all those years. The core for all that time has been Keith and Michael, then came Ed, and now playing bass is Andy. Looking forward to another year of ROCK!!!! The WEEDS became "The WEEDS" because the four original members of the band back in 1987 were all involved in gardening in one way or another. Victoria being the "Garden city" was more or less WEED free until the spread of "The WEEDS" overcame the city. "The WEEDS" music was popping up everywhere!!!. Playing for parties, dances, special events, inside, outside,and pubs and clubs, "The WEEDS" flourished in the "Garden city".... Many years have passed since the propogation of "The WEEDS" and "The WEEDS" have grown and evolved to what they are today. They have established strong roots on the island and have a good spread. The music is what keeps "The WEEDS" viberant and strong!!!

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Hi !!!!!

Well we are working on all our tunez. Keith is in Toronto for two weeks and Andy and I are putting down some drum and bass tracks for Keith to add to when he gets back.The WEEDS are still planning the fundraiser dance for the Westcoast Motorcycle Ride to Live June 4 @ Strawberry Vale Hall in Victoria... last years dance was a "whaler" check out their web site @ PEACE AND LOVE

Trade Mark

The WEEDS are happy to announce that The WEEDS is now a registered Trade Mark of Canada!!!


We are getting some tunz down in the studio. More tracks on Sunday!!!


Hey whats up all??? We are workin on a bunch of new stuff and it seems to be workin out, the old stuff is gettin older just like us but we`er still havin fun playin the older stuff, and when I say new stuff I mean stuff we haven`t played before... !!! Bass player Andy is fitting right in "WAY TO GO ANDY". We are looking forward to playing with the AXE MAN again!! Below is a list of some of the new and old we do, and I think there are a couple of origanls in there too...remember to check out our website at from there you can get to our facebook fan page, to our twitter site and to our myspace site.....Other than that life is good.......So till next time PEACE and LOVE always from The WEEDS 1 A DAY IN THE LIFE 2 ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER - 3 AMIE - ROUTE 66 - 4 BACK IN THE USSR - 5 BAD MOON RISING - 6 BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO - 6 BANG THE GONG - 7 BIG WEEKEND - SMOKTN GUN - 8 BORN ON THE BAYOU - 9 BORN TO BE WfLD - 10 BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN - 11 CINNAMON GIRL - 12 13 COME TOGETHER - 14 DON'T LET IT BRING YOU DOWN - 15 DOWN BY THE RIVER - 16 GET A HAIRCUT (SLIDE) - 17 COLD TURKEY - 18 HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN - 19 HEART OF GOLD (HARP) - 20 HEY THERE POLICEMAN - 21 HONKY TONK WOMAN - 22 HURTS SO GOOD - 231 AM THE WALRUS - 24 I'M SO TIRED - 25 I'LL BE YOUR BABY TONIGHT - 26 JESUS JUST LEFT CHICAGO - 27 JOHNNY B GOODE - 28 LADY LOVE - 29 LIKE A HURRICANE - 30 LONG COOL WOMAN IN A RED DRESS - 31 MADE IN CANADA - 32 MERCURY BLUES - 33 MIDNIGHT TRAIN - 34 MOJO BOOGIE (SLIDE) - 35 NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING - 36 NORWEGIAN WOOD - 37 PRETTY WOMAN - 38 QUITTER NEVER WINS - 39 TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS - 40 PROUD MARY - 410HIO- 42 SHARP DRESSED MAN - 43 SHE CAUGHT THE KATIE (HARP) - 44 SKY IS CRYING - 45 6 DAYS ON THE ROAD - 46 SMOKE ON THE WATER - 47 STILL RAINING - 48 STORMY MAY DAY - 49 STORMY MONDAY - 50 TEQUILA SUNRTSE - 51 TELL MAMA - 52 THE THRILL IS GONE - 53 THIS NOTE'S FOR YOU - 54 TUBE STEAK BOOGIE - 55 TULSA TIME (SLIDE) - 56 WINTERLUDE (WALTZ) - 57 WHISKEY TRAIN - 58 WHO'LL STOP THE RA1N - 59 WONDERFUL TONIGHT - 60 YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET - 61 YOU'VE GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY - 62 GREEN RIVER - K WAR MACHINE -



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Flowh Calendar


2010-02-16 at 05:49:05
Happy Olympics Weeds...thanx for the good vibes yo...
2010-02-16 at 05:25:21
"Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Paul.
2010-02-12 at 10:00:04
Hi everyone!!! Well The WEEDS are heading up to Whistler to catch some of the Olympic action!!! We are stoked!!!!!
2010-02-01 at 05:51:02
Hey Weeds !!! Thank you sooo much for the your friendship :) and awesome comment..Been waiting for your vids to load so I could take a look..Great band !!! You do some of the same material we do :)All the best to you from Australia :)and thanks again ((*_*)) Jen xoxo
2010-01-31 at 13:13:22
Hi guys all the best from SW Scotland, keep the music loud mes amis- SCOTT/WAYUP
2010-01-31 at 10:09:24
Thank You so much for takeing the time out of your day to visit my site I think of it as a grest honor.I have left the music Bizz for good so it means a lot to me.I haven't hear your music yet but foward to hearing it now, George Dalton P.S Set Me Free is the only song that I sing
2010-01-31 at 02:09:01
THANKS A LOT FOR UR SUPPORT AND UR KINDNESS, we will try to follow ur page as often as can b, we did like ur music a lot , thanks for ur support, hope u will spread the SPOOKIIES SOUND AROUND YA, our endless and best regards to u, all the best wishes for u dear weeds, THE SPOOKIIES
2010-01-30 at 20:57:42
You have got it goin` on!Love the energy,Big Shout from St. Louis new FANS! Sugar Bear Trio http://www.codagroovesent arTrio ( ) - 2010 Stars
2010-01-27 at 16:16:56
Thanks for the kind words guys, keep up the good work, All the best, Arthur Walker
2010-01-26 at 08:42:47
Hi everyone !! We just want you all to know that The WEEDS think that IMRadio is totally cool!!! keep rockin, good tunes!!!!!!!
2010-01-26 at 06:36:34
Love the setlist fella's... Since my other gig is playing with an all cover's band I know how difficult it is to get above & beyond with a sea of origonal material out there, but what I hear on hear I like!!! KEEP ON ROCKIN' & thanks for your friendship!
2010-01-26 at 03:35:47
Thanks for the support! Vancouver BC must be an awesome place to rock . . .
2010-01-25 at 10:28:08
2010-01-24 at 01:28:39
Love the blues!! Keep rockin & thanks for checkin out my music. Sal
2010-01-23 at 18:14:34
let me know what you think of my music, much love to you.
2010-01-23 at 12:14:44
Greetings!! Thanks for the appreciation, it really motivates us and fills us with a new spirit!! Glad to have you with us! Peace, Veronica
2010-01-22 at 20:00:10
Hi friend!! Pleasure to meet you!! good luck for all Nikla
2010-01-21 at 08:59:11
Hello Great To Meet You Guys! Thank You For Your Friendship! Very Cool Tunezz Keep RoCkIn Peace! KOLMAN
2010-01-18 at 15:28:21
Hi guys, it is great to meet you! Wishing you a divine week! Louise
2010-01-18 at 11:00:16
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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