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Saint Louis, MO


About Us:
Sugar Bear Trio music is a return to their roots from growing up in a family of musicians. 5 Albums to SBT's credit with a mix of Blues,Rock,Ska,Country,Folk,Motown,Sou l,Jazz,Fusion,Southern Rock to mold Sugar Bear Trio unique Indie Style.

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Memphis is
Callin Sugar
Bear Trio
Half Nuts

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Pacific Street Blues: Lamenting The Future Of the Blues - Jim Fusilli, Wall St. Journal editorial (w/reply):
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Sugar Bear Trio LIVE @ The Library Soulard June 24:
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Sugar Bear Trio April News Letter. m/bp/QIKEJKFFQXTF-500x400 .jpg cool of OhhSoFamous to send invitations to artists that care about What`s Going On? Sugar Bear Trio just returned home from 13 states in 5 days and will leave tomorrow for Las Vegas and L.A. Here is a rundown so far in April What`s Going On? With Sugar Bear Trio. – Sugar Bear Trio featured Artist on IMRadio ) – Sugar Bear Trio LIVE @ Westside Inn April 2nd Sugar Bear Trio LIVE @ Louis Bar Omaha Nebraska April 10 – ) – Sugar Bear Trio LIVE @ The Library April 14 ) – Sugar Bear Trio Live MainStreet Deli Ft Payne Alabama April 16 headlinerfm Support each other ! Now Reaching 23,018,483 Fans since joining! Sugar Bear Trio Sugar Bear Trio LIVE @ LIL Joes Shreveport LA April 17 – Sugar Bear Trio winners 2010 Stars contest in Rock. http://www.codagroovesent ( ) – Moiko Records Showcase Album Released! With Sugar Bear Trio`s Hot for You. Email: Mark 573 330 1838 Url: http://www.Reverbnation.c om/sugarbeartrio Sound: http://www.AirPlayDirect. com/sugarbeartrio {"Radio stations may download free for airplay"} Moiko Records Recording Artists the Sugar Bear Trio has just released their first Album Half Nuts on the Moiko Records Label. http://www.moikorecords.c om America’s Hardest Working Hometown Power Trio, The Sugar Bear Trio signed with Moiko Records three months ago in May of 2009. When asked, they were ready, when we call, they answer. Sugar Bear Trio has earned the admiration and respect of the entire Moiko Records family and board of directors. Not only are they recording artist, but they are performing artist and put on a heck of a good show. And still, they make time to self promote themselves and their label. The Sugar Bear Trio is a Record Label I
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