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1.  Review: smooth
Song Name: eso es
Date: 2011-05-14 18:45:19
Reviewer: ptrak

2.  Review: Great Sound !
Song Name: cool out
Date: 2010-10-26 12:23:49
Reviewer: djbluefog


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San Diego, CA


About Us:
drummer/percussionist/sound design

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To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the


"There is only one better thing than music - live music." JB


"The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation. The hand is more important than the eye... The hand is the cutting edge of the mind."jb

Pablo Picasso

"I do not seek. I find." -Pablo Picasso


"The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving."OWH


Flowh Calendar


2010-10-13 at 18:56:40
Ya puedes DESCARGARTE GRATIS mi disco "Vivir Libre" (Hip-Hop / Reggae / Ragga) con 13 de los 15 temas del disco original. ¡¡¡ QUE LO DISFRUTES !!! maquetas/ver/reas/vivir-l ibre/33895 ( la)
2010-09-13 at 18:06:30
I like "Kama". For Meditation and Chill out ............ mfg
2010-09-10 at 21:40:10
Greetings from Serbia ! great stuff here!please,listen my songs or give your friends to Serbia not support artists...H E L P
2010-09-05 at 22:31:00
Greetings from Austria! mfg
2010-06-15 at 15:39:43
a videosoundtrak...with chuck perrin tch?v=yUjJRNKRYRM check it out
2010-05-22 at 12:41:26
2 new traks for your listening pleasure... enjoy
2010-05-20 at 16:59:00
Hello Ptrak, thank you for your visit! Ghislain
2010-05-16 at 10:13:15
thanks for visit my imradio´site !!
2010-05-16 at 02:24:24
Hi PTRAK! I am pleased that you liked it. I now have a new fan page set up on Facebook, stop by and join up. ages/DJ-Discant-Project/2 7382397718
2010-05-12 at 22:48:40
Hi Greetings from Vancouver BC Great songs here. We wish you all the best and may destiny lead You and the music to Greatness Mike.
2010-04-29 at 14:38:22
Thank you, brother!
2010-04-27 at 16:07:00
2010-04-24 at 20:46:15
Cheers m8! Peace :)
2010-04-23 at 08:41:26
Hi Ptrack, How are u doing? Thanks for your comments:-) Warm regards Elisete
2010-04-18 at 18:19:07
Love the imagery your music paints!! thanks for the friendship!! I wish you much future success!! Have a brilliant week my friend!!
2010-04-18 at 01:38:18
Hello Ptrack and thank you, you're music is very suggestive and charming. "Il pirata" is a tribute to a famous italian cyclist.
2010-03-26 at 02:29:45
Dear friend, thank you for your support, we wish you all the best! Aineshana
2010-03-25 at 16:44:36
Man I gotta tell ya Ptrak- your Music defies categorization, and I mean that as an utmost Compliment. Very ethereal and Atmospheric, takes one places! Way Cool - Carry ON!! Martin- IdjitSavant
2010-03-24 at 19:33:32
Hello, Thanks so much for the Awesome comment and Positive energy. Can you believe that song was originally written and recorded in...1980?? THIRTY years ago...Wow. I, Sir- Am OLD!!! ;)) You Rock, love the Vibe- Peace- Martin
2010-03-23 at 07:15:21
Hey!Thank you soo much for taking the time to listen in to my music and for the wonderful feedback! I really appreciate all the support and am so glad you liked my music!And thank you for the lovely comment on "This Love"! Thanks again and best of luck to you! Ashleigh
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