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Siegfried Grundmann's Song Reviews

1.  Review: tis i dig..luv da syncopation/groove
Song Name: For You Dissonance Mix
Date: 2012-02-21 08:12:37
Reviewer: Pablo Cruzz

Song Name: Foolsdance
Date: 2010-08-09 18:56:08
Reviewer: Hairy Larry

Song Name: Expanse Of Clouds
Date: 2010-07-23 06:17:24
Reviewer: Cristo B


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Thank you.... ;-)

I want to thank all my friends worldwide for their interest in my music, today. I appreciate all your different music-styles and hope, you enjoy my program, too. Keep on the good work and have a nice day.

86 works on IMRadio

I am proud to have released 86 works as a cross-cut of music by my edition during the years 1990 up to year 2010. I thank also my mucical friends worldwide for their participation at my edition and for collaborating with me.



In Memoriam
To John








Two Packers 




La Nature 


Jack The






Building Set 


Le Corail 






Adventure XT


Strikes Back

Flowh Calendar


2010-05-19 at 18:09:49
interesting, nice to meet you..
2010-05-17 at 18:03:21
Hi. I posted 2 new songs a week ago. I'd love feedback. Fool For Me & Running Away are the new ones. The vocals aren't anything to write home about, I smoke, I'm old, whatever. I try to write good songs so, I want to be a writer not a performer. So let me know what you think good or bad when you get a chance. Thanks so much Mark
2010-05-14 at 13:47:53
Hi Siegfried, hope all's going well for you. If you have time please come n check my latest work. 'Brain Attack' I'd love to hear your responce. Hope it rocks you. All the best, Arthur :))
2010-05-04 at 15:18:56
many thanks . . . cool tunes. much love, djmd
2010-05-03 at 07:31:00
Thanks for supporting my music!
2010-04-30 at 21:36:43
Thank you have a wonderful week!!:
2010-04-27 at 23:37:04
Great Music (hypnotized)by Paolo Di Girolamo
2010-04-23 at 15:58:00
Excellent music ! Many thanks for the friendship. Blessings.
2010-04-13 at 04:34:07
Hello, Siegfried! Thanks for the friendship. Greetings from Brazil
2010-04-06 at 04:04:59
Thanks for signing on Sigfried. Very original stuff you have. Great movie bed yes? M&B
2010-04-01 at 19:49:38
Thanks Sigfried!
2010-04-01 at 01:08:00
Excellent. What more can I say? Cheers.
2010-03-31 at 23:58:09
Hi! Having studies in Muenster, you could have come across my supervisor (of my doctorate), Prof. Dr. Klaus Hortschansky. But I do not know if he is still alive. So what kind of publishing house are you running, please? just let me know here, and check also my profile at dmusicologist. Cool runnings!
2010-03-29 at 19:37:31
Cool Sounds!
2010-03-27 at 18:24:25
Greetings from Canada, Siegfried, and thank you for visiting my profile, having a listen, and leaving a kind comment. I like what you are composing very much and wish you every success! peace, Rick
2010-03-23 at 23:02:21
Thanks for the comment come and visit us at www.starchildtherockopera Patty
2010-03-22 at 07:15:49
Thanks for supporting my music!
2010-03-21 at 22:59:54
my best gift is having you as my friend! rubin riley avaquot
2010-03-20 at 19:16:57
Nice to meet you-Siegfried, Im appreciated your friendship&fanshp,I`ll have visit on your Land in past and like it:-)))))))!v50
2010-03-20 at 13:56:37
Hello Siegfried Thanks for the frienship best from Paris LpH 111
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