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Song Name: RavenStudioz-Wa tch Me In Silence
Date: 2010-01-09


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About Us:
R.S. RECORDS / RavenStudioz DK LTD 2006 is a well known global independent club record company. Specialized in all kind of dancefloor music. You cant always see what we have been working with. Always look for R.S. winged logo & read the small text. R.S. RECORDS artists: RavenStudioz DK LTD 2006 (Also Owner & Founder of R.S. Records) More details visit our website. - DeFusionUK - Andy Breo Productions - Camarilla - Steven West - Mon:Stereo - Enceladus - The Battle Siren, Jon Purdey, Just to mention a few.. R.S. RECORDS Profession: Record label, Promotion, Music Distribution, Music Production & Mixing, Sound Engineering. R.S. RECORDS is official partner with DFUK mastering & mixing service, IODA, Juno, and many more. Sorry we are not that active here on this site, we are extreemly busy with artists and general label work.

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Mastering Tips 1

120Hz and lower: these frequencies are generally responsible for warmth in a recording. Too much and the recording will sound muddy. 120Hz - 600Hz: these frequencies give depth to a recording, giving vocals and other instruments a strong sense of presence without being clinical. On the other hand, these frequencies are where you're most likely to experience problems with vocal resonance. Too much in this area can be particularly fatiguing. 600Hz - 3kHz: these frequencies also give presence but of a generally harder nature. High output in this region is fairly common in rock music as it gives it a hard edge that suites the genre. 3kHz- 7kHz: is the area where vocal sibilance resides. 3kHz-5kHz is a very common peaking area in rock music because human hearing is pretty sensitive here and extra output here makes it sound louder. It also adds a harshness that is particularly fatiguing so don't over do it. Because of the high sensitivity in this region you can add warmth without loss of clarity by attenuating this region a bit. 7kHz -: Cymbals etc, and all the other components that add the sense of quality and accuracy. Above 10kHz too much output may make your recordings sound like they are lacking some definition. If your tracks lack warmth and have too much sibilance you either have too little output below 500Hz or too much above 3kHz. A generally good balance will be pretty flat from around 60Hz up to 1-2kHz and then rolling off to be around 10-20 dB down at 10kHz. How much tapering at the spectrum ends you'll need will depend on the nature of the music. If there are some sharp peaks in the peak spectrum that stand out above the rest then they may need to be attenuated a bit. Again, don't try to eliminate the peak but just reduce and control it a bit. A good rule of thumb would be to reduce the peak so that it is about as high as the other undulations on the spectrum. Finally, strong output in the region of 3-5kHz can make recordings sound fatiguing and clinical. If you have strong output in this region reduce it by approximately 3dB.

Artist INFO

INFO: You donít quit your job and then buy lottery tickets. Believe it or not, that is exactly what most artists do when they make an album and send it to labels expecting some external force to anoint them with instant success. Being an artist requires a serious commitment to hard work and persistence in non-musical areas in order to achieve success. This has always been true. It is called paying dues. Each artist is a business whether you want to see it that way or not. Succeeding requires revenues and spending just like any other business. The artist business is the business of building a fan base, managing and monetizing that fan base

Artist Info

I quit are two words that carry a lot of impact. They signal the end of something and, usually, they are uttered in defeat. The musician job that has given you nothing but pain for five years or the hobby music that just doesnít shape up the way you planned are often motivating factors behind these two words. Still, there is something else about this phrase that often goes unnoticedÖ The people who are successful in their fields NEVER say the words I quit. Take a moment to absorb that. Let it sink in. Successful people may move on, change their goals or adapt but they never quit. No matter what obstacles appear on their horizons, they keep pushing forward to be the best they can be because that is part of what defines their success. Try say these words: "Never think about giving up because Iím a Go Getter. I mean, to this day, Iím still unsigned but I wonít give up, signed or not. I donít make music for the money, I make it for the fans and because I love the art and I have a goal to reach and I will." That, my friends, is the mark of a successful individual in any field. When we allow ourselves the luxury of quitting, we are dooming ourselves to failure. Just because something that you want so bad doesnít happen when you want it to, doesnít mean it will never happen. Be patient, and stay determined. You canít win if you donít play. Thereís a lot of meaning in those words. Too many of us give up on our dreams of being successful in the music world because things are too hard, I got scammed or Iím never going to make it. Guess what? You may be right but, if you donít play the game and keep trying, youíre definitely going to lose so why not go down swinging? When you say I quit, you just threw your chances away. Those words are a powerful tool. They should be our mantra. If you stay determined, you can succeed in the music industry but when you quit, you choose to fail. I hope all of you choose to succeed. I want to see your names on the charts and hear your songs on the radio because I truly believe that we have some awesome musicians all over the globe. But the choice is yours. I canít make it for you. There are a lot of changes coming in the music world and some of them wonít be easy but they are necessary. Itís time to decide if you have what it takes to be part of it. So, itís time to make a choice. Are you going to be a success or are you going to quit?


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2010-01-09 at 06:37:56
Hi my friend, lovely to meet you, and I wish you a great 2010! Louise
2010-01-09 at 04:41:07
Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The song and video are here on IMRadio (video also on Paul.
2010-01-09 at 04:40:55
Nice to meet you. "Return Home." Great Creative Cool Track. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2010-01-09 at 04:40:13
TELL EVERY ONE ABOUT IMRadio -- Got to thinking. What if each of us independent musicians told our family, friends, fans and acquaintances about, how besides the main stations, it has stations for each of the states individually, 52 countries, and just about every musical genre -- reaching any internet connection around the world. We could tell them in person, on the internet or at small or large venues. Anyone we tell would appreciate the convenience of such good music from independent musicians on their computer. It would be such a good way to help all of us reach even more listeners. With IMRadio, we aren't just waiting at the mercy of some major label to decide whether or not they will let us be heard around the world. There are enough of us that the outreach could be exponential. And, wouldn't it be a great way to say 'thank you' to Paddy and all of the other fine folks who have put on the world's musical map. They have put in money, time, energy and dedication, and all they have asked of us in return is to upload our music and profile. I am sure that they have great plans to publicize IMRadio and bring it to even more listeners. In the meantime, through, wouldn't it be great if we could all help a little by just taking a little time each day to tell family, friends, fans and acquaintances about IMRadio. It wouldn't cost a dime, just a little time. Yours, in Musical Solidarity, Paul.
2010-01-08 at 23:22:38
hey...thank you very much!!! we hope you like our music!! cheers! SUPERNOVA
2010-01-08 at 10:57:06
Wishing you the best this 2010!!! Let's Rock the New Year!!!
2010-01-07 at 09:58:33
Hi, we’d like to hear some of your songs in IMRadio’s radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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