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1.  Review: This is my kind of music
Song Name: STELLA D'ORIENTE (Star of the East)
Date: 2010-11-29 09:47:36
Reviewer: Muse Oasis


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Ethno Pop mediterraneo

About Us:
Il mediterraneo

Number of times viewed: 8581

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Official Comunication by Ethnipop for all my fans&friends

MY NEW WEBSITE: "NIKLA BURLESQUE & ETHNIC SINGER" Hello friends, I inform you officially that in addition to Ethnipop's job, I have enriched my artistic repertoire with a new job BURLESQUE: Vintage 50' sounds, with the best success Be Bop by Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Rabbit, and soundtrack of film "Burlesque", by Christina Aguilera and Cher. Thank you very much for attention, I wish you all the best for your new artistic jobs. kisses by Nikla. There are my addresses website, and after one of my song video. MY NEW OFFICIAL BOOK SITE: MY BLOG: (here are my videos, pics, next shows) of my song video BURLESQUE job:

Happy Easter to all

I wish all my friends a great Happy Easter affectionately Ethnipop



Heavy Rock |
Sfinge (live


Heavy Rock |


d'Oriente -


(live by
Ethnipop -


Pieces of

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2010-01-22 at 12:31:38
cool !!!
2010-01-22 at 02:56:14
Wow.,.I didn't see that My future .,.,.huh.,.But here it is.,.You are now.,.Here.,.In my future,. Pedagogy.,
2010-01-19 at 09:30:59
Howdy Nikla, How are you doing. You busy making some cool new sounds? Haven't heard from you my friend. I hope all is good. Peace and long life and a gentle soul. Gary T
2010-01-16 at 01:24:55
Hello;) Greetings from Ukraine by Killer of Giants
2010-01-15 at 23:10:03
hy you have a great voice,and i like your songs and your sound,all the best
2010-01-15 at 09:53:55
Good day Nikla. How are you doing? Wishing you the best on this wonderful day. I added my Water Walk video today. I wrote this song about 5 years ago. On tape I layered it with bass and acoustic guitar (dubbed) over a fender stratocaster. In the video it is just me roughing it out on my Epiphone. Do you know of a program that can be uploaded on the computer to transfer analog recordings onto the digital realm. All of my songs I did on my Tascam 424 4-track recorder and they are on cassette tape (I know I am really behind on technology, but I am old fashioned). You are more of a professional than I am so I was wondering if you had any helpful hints. I hope you have a peaceful and creative day. Gary T:)
2010-01-14 at 09:28:04
Hello Nikla. I just listened to your new songs. I love Sahara. Did you do all of the vocal layering in the first part of the song? I like the added reverb with vocal. Did you add that on the mixing board or did you use a certain room to get the effect? Years ago I use to get a good reverb by taking my amp and guitar into a small bathroom (tile walls) and recording. Yes, I was a poor musician:)
2010-01-14 at 04:51:24
Nikla. I just looked at you music listing. The system must not have uploaded the songs. It may have had an interuption. I took me two tries to get the system to upload my video. I had to just sit there for 10 minutes and not touch anything and let it upload at its own pace. I would try to upload them again (so everyone can listen to your wonderful songs:) Gary
2010-01-14 at 04:44:34
Hello Nikla. Thank you for your nice comments about the musical soul. I am afraid I do not know the problem with your music uploads. It may depend on the number of different uploads from numerous artists at the same time (traffic jam in the computer's head). But I am new to this system, so I am not sure. You may contact the site administrator. Have a wonderful and creative day. GaryT
2010-01-13 at 22:01:58
thanks and lovin your groove cheers. boogieflippo
2010-01-13 at 17:05:37
Hi my friend, lovely to meet you, may you have a great 2010! Louise
2010-01-13 at 06:59:23
Hi there, loving your music. A fan now. Love & Light to you :) Lance
2010-01-12 at 23:38:33
Thank you very much Nikla. Are you a classically trained musician? I have been playing for 30 years and cannot read one note. I am self taught and learned by ear. I have taught myself some theory, so I know how to arrange, but everything else is just from my soul. Peace and success. Gary T
2010-01-12 at 09:49:39
Nikla, I updated my profile and added one of my songs per video. Gary T
2010-01-12 at 09:03:00
Hello Nikla. I love your pictures. So that is an oud! Beautiful as it sounds. I hope you are well. I just posted a new Video on the other page we speak on of one of my origional songs. Winter Whisper. I may try to upload it here. best wishes and it is great to see your lovely smile. It shines like your radiant soul. Peace and success. Gary T
2010-01-11 at 23:30:07
Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The Song and Video are here on IMRadio (video also on Paul.
2010-01-11 at 23:30:00
Nice to meet you. Listening to "Pieces of Reality. Great Song. Great Music. The Vocals are Excellent. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2010-01-11 at 23:28:55
TELL EVERY ONE ABOUT IMRadio -- Got to thinking. What if each of us independent musicians told our family, friends, fans and acquaintances about, how besides the main stations, it has stations for each of the states individually, 52 countries, and just about every musical genre -- reaching any internet connection around the world. We could tell them in person, on the internet or at small or large venues. Anyone we tell would appreciate the convenience of such good music from independent musicians on their computer. It would be such a good way to help all of us reach even more listeners. With IMRadio, we aren't just waiting at the mercy of some major label to decide whether or not they will let us be heard around the world. There are enough of us that the outreach could be exponential. And, wouldn't it be a great way to say 'thank you' to Paddy and all of the other fine folks who have put on the world's musical map. They have put in money, time, energy and dedication, and all they have asked of us in return is to upload our music and profile. I am sure that they have great plans to publicize IMRadio and bring it to even more listeners. In the meantime, through, wouldn't it be great if we could all help a little by just taking a little time each day to tell family, friends, fans and acquaintances about IMRadio. It wouldn't cost a dime, just a little time. Yours, in Musical Solidarity, Paul.
2010-01-11 at 17:04:49
Hello, thanks for uploading such beautiful numbers on IMRadio! Glad to have you with us! Keep Smiling, Keep Rocking!! :) Peace, Veronica
2010-01-11 at 15:26:37
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