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Stig Michael's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Good Song Nice Vocals
Song Name: True To You
Date: 2011-12-19 11:15:51
Reviewer: TC

Song Name: My Angel
Date: 2010-11-24 16:53:46
Reviewer: Living Waters

3.  Review: Nice rendition, love your voice.
Song Name: What can I do
Date: 2010-10-31 20:42:14
Reviewer: GiGeie.N


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Pop/ Rock

About Us:
The first band. Stig Michaels career in music has been a long one. He started out playing guitar when he was 7. But he didnt need more than 3 years of practice before he was ready to form his own band. Stig was rocking the streets of his home town when he was 10. Up through his teenage years, Stig performed in front of anyone who would listen. He and his band played at school parties, town festivals and fairs. The 7 year break. When he reached the age of 18 he started working as a studio musician but that job quickly became too quiet for the ambitious young man. He changed lanes and took off to Australia to visit his family. It was about this time that Stig Michael stopped playing guitar and writing songs. This was the beginning of a seven year break from the music scene. Rediscovering his passion. When he got home from his trip he enrolled at the local university, Stig wanted to become a teacher. But in the process of learning new things, Stig rediscovered his passion for music and he began playing again. After graduation he quickly created a new band devoted to playing classic Bryan Adams songs. This band was very succesful and this gave way for Stig to write his own songs again. In his spare time he recorded the album True to you while working with some of the best musicians in the country. Royal performances. Since then, Stig Michael has performed on the biggest music scenes in the country. He has entertained the royal families of Denmark and Norway. He has played with the hit band Aqua and he has performed at the two biggest festival scenes in Denmark. Buy the album:

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2010-12-24 at 09:17:04
I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a great 2011 * All The Best * Tony D * http://www.tonydilorenzo. com/bucks4acure.html
2010-12-20 at 17:23:56
G'day Stig and many thanks for the support and friendship. We are returning the respect and becoming a fan. The band also wishes to extend Seasons Greetings to you and your family and may 2011 bring you great happiness.
2010-12-18 at 03:45:58
From Niagara Falls Canada Season's Greetings. May the joy of the holidays stay in your heart and bring you a year of happiness and success ...
2010-12-10 at 00:43:16
We are trying to win a tour package and lots of gear and could use your vote! Please help by voting once a day until Dec 15th, and tell your friends! Changing the world once song at a time. Peace and Love, Erin :-) http://getoutofthegarage. .aspx?b=21981&sr=false&bn =June+&+Winter
2010-12-09 at 20:43:18
Just came back around to give a listen just ckn out the song Don't I love it the beat is one that sticks in my head ! Yeahhhhh
2010-12-08 at 06:52:08
Thanks for the visit Im just giving a listen now ,Yep your music has lots of motion,and feeling makes me want to get my guitar and play Woody
2010-11-30 at 15:00:50
Well the long awaited new tracks are up on the profile. The CD is selling well, an independent production by Golden Boulder and
2010-11-29 at 20:56:07
it is my Hope that all My Friends and supporters on IMRADIO will Drop on By and Check out My Newly recorded Album, recorded in Nashville Tn., with some Really inspiring Musicians...the Album is due out Mid December and a portion of the Proceeds of this project will Be Donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, Far too Many Women are Losing the Battle to this Dreadful Disease, I Hope you will Help us to save a Life!....Peace... Frontline
2010-11-27 at 13:24:01
hi Stig hope ya havin a great day remember to check out my page on: ion
2010-11-23 at 15:33:34
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2010-11-16 at 21:13:04
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2010-11-16 at 03:43:46
Hello my friend
2010-11-14 at 23:40:07
Hi Stig! Beautiful music. My parents are from Denmark, we are all in California now, so anyway - your name caught my attention. We were there visiting family in 2006 and will be coming back again. Keep up the good music! :)
2010-11-12 at 20:01:12
i just revised my "Asia" very happy with the results ,,,,please check it out and let me know what you think....thanks!!!
2010-11-10 at 23:59:01
Hello Stig- Thank you for your kind words and warm thoughts. I'm happy to be a fan of yours and I enjoy your talents and music. Have a nice day... :) charly
2010-11-08 at 07:02:19
Thanks for networking. Very relaxing music you have. Hope you enjoy my music, too.
2010-11-04 at 00:55:09
Hello, Nice music. Ty for adding as a fan. You have a great voice. Great Songs! Peace, melinda
2010-11-03 at 11:22:56
Hey Michael, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the lovely wishes, we wish you the same. :) Rock on and stay connected! Peace, Veronica
2010-11-03 at 09:47:58
NICE~View this page~Could U do this~We need many Comedy, News & Radio hosts~This Artists Galactic Social Club Rocks ~ Contact Al Cox Records at the site & we wish to broadcast your songs too ~ http://alienfingerz.ning. com/
2010-11-01 at 10:35:56
Greetings!! Thanks for the kind words, it really motivates us and fills us with a new spirit!! Glad to have you with us! Peace, Veronica
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