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Stig Michael's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Good Song Nice Vocals
Song Name: True To You
Date: 2011-12-19 11:15:51
Reviewer: TC

Song Name: My Angel
Date: 2010-11-24 16:53:46
Reviewer: Living Waters

3.  Review: Nice rendition, love your voice.
Song Name: What can I do
Date: 2010-10-31 20:42:14
Reviewer: GiGeie.N


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Pop/ Rock

About Us:
The first band. Stig Michaels career in music has been a long one. He started out playing guitar when he was 7. But he didnt need more than 3 years of practice before he was ready to form his own band. Stig was rocking the streets of his home town when he was 10. Up through his teenage years, Stig performed in front of anyone who would listen. He and his band played at school parties, town festivals and fairs. The 7 year break. When he reached the age of 18 he started working as a studio musician but that job quickly became too quiet for the ambitious young man. He changed lanes and took off to Australia to visit his family. It was about this time that Stig Michael stopped playing guitar and writing songs. This was the beginning of a seven year break from the music scene. Rediscovering his passion. When he got home from his trip he enrolled at the local university, Stig wanted to become a teacher. But in the process of learning new things, Stig rediscovered his passion for music and he began playing again. After graduation he quickly created a new band devoted to playing classic Bryan Adams songs. This band was very succesful and this gave way for Stig to write his own songs again. In his spare time he recorded the album True to you while working with some of the best musicians in the country. Royal performances. Since then, Stig Michael has performed on the biggest music scenes in the country. He has entertained the royal families of Denmark and Norway. He has played with the hit band Aqua and he has performed at the two biggest festival scenes in Denmark. Buy the album:

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2010-03-25 at 01:52:04
hey Stig- cheers man, nice stuff!
2010-03-23 at 05:39:21
Hello, Stig! Thanks for being a friend. Really nice tunes! Greetings from Brazil
2010-03-16 at 17:07:37
Hi Stig - Thanks for checking out my music. I like yours - very plush production, can cross over many genres. Keep up the great work & best of success in 2010. Sal
2010-03-16 at 04:31:32
Thanks for visitng our site like your song run away keep up the great work Mike
2010-03-15 at 09:33:14
Hi Stig, Thanks for connecting. Great songs. I very much enjoyed listening. Best regards, Jack
2010-03-13 at 22:07:56
Hi Stig! Good to be ridin' the friendship train w/ you brother. Peace, Rick Frost
2010-03-13 at 22:07:55
Hi Stig! Good to be ridin' the friendship train w/ you brother. Peace, Rick Frost
2010-03-13 at 18:45:20
Heey Friends. Have a great weekend:) From Stig Michael.
2010-03-11 at 07:06:00
Hi Stig. Came by to give you some love and listen to some more tunes! Phil
2010-03-10 at 06:13:38
Hey, Stig... You've got my ear! I could tell within seconds that your groove was the real thing, and after listening to all of your tracks, there's no doubt left in my mind. Absolutely applaud your talent, and that comes with an unqualified guarantee that I'll be back to revisit your page and your music. Awesome material and sound in addition to some very cool, earthy and soulful Johny Winter/Boz Scaggs-like vocals. Thanks for the music AND for becoming a fan. You've definitely got one here... - Magic Potion
2010-03-09 at 23:26:00
I just read about your artist`s career,stepbystep to your success-keep it up,Stig!Enjoy your song,Peace v50
2010-03-09 at 11:32:36
Ok Stig ! alright rock on how are ya! best wishes Jeff Cameron
2010-03-09 at 03:28:23
Hi Stig love the songs and the angel song is heartwarming best wishes Nikki Ryan
2010-03-08 at 23:21:19
Hi There Stig..My o My u blew mme away with your first em all, love funky Fate.Regrets think i cn hear a tinge of Rod Stewart..Reggae Dont ..bbbeautifully constructed the tone of your voice.. i wish you All The Best& glad to have you as my fan.. 1 Love Val
2010-03-08 at 15:43:53
Hey Stig,thnx 4fanfrship,BestRegs 2U v50!
2010-03-08 at 12:17:39
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2010-03-08 at 12:17:10
Thanks for reaching out and sharing your creative vision. I wish you continued success with an endless supply of happiness and creativity. * All The Best * Tony DiLorenzo * orenzo1 * *
2010-03-07 at 22:01:30
Hi Stig Thank You For You're Friendship Great Music Peace! KOLMAN
2010-03-07 at 18:02:41
Thanks, Stig. I'll do so and enjoy your songs. Please also send me a note when you bring a new one. Cheers.
2010-03-07 at 13:29:28
We have posted our newest song Before You Ever Start. BYES takes us down the road of rock but stays true to the sound of Slow Recovery with a little crunch and bite!! Please take a listen and enjoy! As always we appreciate you stopping by and visiting with us here on IMRadio!! Keep rockin and spreadin the love~Slow Recovery
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