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Song Name: Bad Girl
Date: 2010-09-05 16:52:53
Reviewer: Sir Hick

2.  Review: Great music and instrumentation!!!
Song Name: Blue Cloud
Date: 2010-08-09 05:46:07
Reviewer: Diana Wilson


CEBE's Information

Sao Paulo

Alt Country-Rock

About Us:
CEBE /// Alt Country-Rock from Brazil /// Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Solo Slide ///////////////////// Influence list : Classical Music , Country Rock , Country Blues , Country , Punk Rock , Classic Rock , Rock , Blues , Blues Rock , Bluegrass , Rockabilly , Rhythm And Blues , Jazz , Experimental , Alternative , Heavy Metal , Southern Rock , Psychedelic , Celtic Music , Roots Music , Western Music ///////////////////// It's all about : Friendship , Happiness , Union , Joy , Love , Peace , Force , Creativity , Health , Entertainment , Comfort , Progress , Family , God , Liveliness , Faith , Implementation , Certainty , Encouragement , Life , Liberty , Consciousness , Development , Knowledge , Attitude , Prosperity , Innovation , Respect , Inspiration , Overrun , Estimated , Engagement , Sincerity , Understanding , Order , Justice , Action , Harmony , Perception , Wisdom , Optimism , Honesty , Satisfaction , Cooperation , Trust , Loyalty , Fidelity , Integrity , Stimulating , Movement , Nice , Contentment , Delicacy , Lightness , Kindness , Serenity , Refinement , Affection ...

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Thinking And
The Wind




Jeans And


Many In The


Tears Of






Green Roots 

Flowh Calendar


2010-07-06 at 07:18:18
Have a Good Week!
2010-06-07 at 21:55:07
you need beats? check me out.
2010-05-27 at 17:46:09
wishing you a Great extended weekend...Kick summer off with a Blast!!!...we only got one Life to Live Child!....Peace ,,,Frontline
2010-05-21 at 17:48:40
Hi Cebe, thanks for stopping by, greetings from Quebec! Ghislain
2010-05-10 at 18:00:48
Greeting from Serbia! nice music there! please,listen my songs. in Serbia not suport artists... H E L P
2010-04-25 at 08:32:13
Valeu, um Cowboy Brasileiro, que coisa legal!!! Muito BOA MUSICA meu amigo- por favor, continue!! Martin
2010-04-25 at 07:21:41
Saludos, rockistas Hello from Virginia USA
2010-04-05 at 03:32:11
thanks for your comment :) drop by anytime New cd coming out soon Amatron Last voyage Have a great week xox Lulu
2010-02-05 at 21:33:05 tch?v=2D7Iws8EMbE Sorry ...there was a space in the last Link sent to you...this should do the trick...thanx so much for checking it out! Peace Frontline
2010-02-02 at 08:11:44
Hello Friend....Please follow the Link Below... tch?v=2D7Iws8EMbE it is from a song from my upcoming album "Speak out" is called "Neda"...But Most important is the fact that this video speaks to the Millions of people who are fighting and Giving up their Lives for the right to be Free.......Please leave your responses to show we are a people who support causes worldwide and denounce terror, censorship and oppressive regimes anywhere and anytime!...Neda has left an impression on me forever...I Hope she touches you too!....much Luv to you... Peace Frontline
2010-01-12 at 10:45:39
Hello Friend, To show my gratitude for making it on “The feature band Wall” I added one more song to imradio,“Remember I Love”. It is my way of saying thank you to all for their support. This will be for a short time only. Diana OhOh
2010-01-11 at 00:36:57
all egr Best to you and your music in 2010....Peace.... Frontline
2010-01-07 at 13:27:38
Hello Friend Congrats on making it on the feature band wall. GREAT TUNES! Wish you all the best for the new year. Diana OhOh
2010-01-04 at 22:08:16
Hello my friend, Wishing you a new year filled with peace light and music... Jennifer
2010-01-03 at 03:13:01
One can never be all things to everybody...but you owe it to yourself to be all that you can be for your own enlightenment...peace of mind...and Good Karma...Happy New Decade to you! Peace Frontline
2009-12-31 at 11:13:52
2009-12-31 at 05:34:02
Wishing you Health, Peace and Happiness in the coming New Year! Paul.
2009-12-31 at 00:41:08
Hey CEBE. good to see you here! Lee
2009-12-20 at 00:57:17
Hi Alex,wishing you a wonderful Xmas! May your Festive Season be full of love, peace, health and happiness!!!Greets JoJo
2009-12-14 at 07:28:05
Wishing you peace and light this holiday season!!! Jennifer
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