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Dallas, TX

Realistic Music For The Soul

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Dear George 


Can't Nobody
Love Me Like
U Do


Green State
Of Mind



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2009-10-14 at 23:54:36
When your music is the sunshine in someone's life, you will never standing in the shadow. Thanks for being a friend. After Son † Amsterdam
2009-10-14 at 09:35:01
Nice stuff!
2009-09-28 at 18:07:45
Hello my friend!! If you have time listen my new 3 tracks (Tribal space “Pump up the volume”; Deep Life; Energy of the Love), your feedback is welcome…Thanks and have a great week full of music & happyness… Salvo
2009-09-14 at 22:30:30
"From I had a dream to keep hope alive, to yes we can these days we'll survive, we will thrive, he won't leave the people behind - From a Bush Abomination to ‘ObamaNation,’ (soon) you can ask you can tell, take off the mask you can yell, from a Bush Abomination we take back our nation, Obama Nation, the American Nation...” Please give a listen to our new folk/reggae/rock song "ObamaNation” [Davies Dawn Music, BMI]. If you like it, spread the word. Thanks. Peace. Paul from Future Now.
2009-08-23 at 04:54:33
Future Now thanks you for your great music; and for being a part of the ever growing creative community of independent musicians who are taking the opportunity, made possible by IMRadio, to reach 52 countries throughout the world.
2009-08-21 at 18:47:26
Trixx, you just got our vote on Slipnsliderecords. peace
2009-08-20 at 13:59:22
Ciao Trixx!!! Nice to meet your work... best regards from Italy... Peace, Salvo
2009-08-20 at 01:37:52
hi Trixx, nice work on your great tunes. peace
2009-07-04 at 07:28:58
Hey Trixx, Some great music here, Best wishes, Spiros.
2009-06-25 at 00:33:11
Hi Trixx, have a nice day, keep up the cool music! Louise
2009-06-21 at 18:51:20
Hi, my friend. Wishing you a new wonderful week!!! Nikos
2009-06-21 at 05:21:50
whats up? Keep that fire comin!!!
2009-05-24 at 23:04:12
Hi Trixx, wishing you a great week! Love, peace, happiness Louise
2009-05-12 at 01:22:50
Great stuff! I just listened to Bop to you Drop and it was awesome! Keep up the good work!
2009-04-08 at 13:45:05
Nice to meet you.
2009-03-30 at 22:32:43
What's up fans...Add me on myspace @ ntownrecords & go vote for me to be the next artist signed @ /trixx repeatedly...Greenupp...T rixx ind
2009-03-16 at 15:18:33
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's daily rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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