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1.  Review: Great guitar work
Song Name: Madly In Love
Date: 2011-09-20 19:28:00
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1

Song Name: Saramati Tears
Date: 2010-11-24 17:46:28
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1

3.  Review: Made me want to hear more! Infectious.
Song Name: Rumble Tumble
Date: 2010-09-14 17:01:43
Reviewer: Paul Butler


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About Us:
Abiogenesis is a folk-fusion act that hails from Nagaland, India. It s no surprise then that their sound can be exotic. Abiogenesis reinvented version of folk music is called Howey Music. Blending Naga folk elements from India and modern music, the result is offbeat, unique, and completely enchanting. Supporting their new style of music, and enhancing the cleverly-shifting melodies of the modern guitar compositions, is the addition of the newly invented Bamhum. That instrument is the invention of Abiogenesis Moa Subong. The Bamhum's unique tone bring an otherworldly quality to the band s sound and highlights the group s fresh take on a classic genre. The band's action-packed shows and positive do-or-die attitude are already getting increasing notice around the globe. Abiogenesis has performed in five countries: India,Thailand , Russia, Bhutan and Myanmar. They have performed for the Royal family at the Indian Embassy, Thimpu, Bhutan on Indian Independence Day 2011 and to 160 Consul Generals at the Raj Bhawan, Mumbai on 16th November 2011. Abiogenesis performs both as a Band and as a DUO Arenla on Vocals/Bamhum/Percussions & Moa on Guitar/Harmonica/Bamhum/Percussions Jekhiu on Drums & Percussions Kora on Bass Abiogenesis albums has been listed in the Grammys for nominations in various categories: Discography: 1.. 'Aeon Spell' released through Saregama in June 2007 .. (Listed for nomination in the 50th Grammy Awards in the Best Contemporary World Music album of the Year ) 2. Rustic Relish released through their indie label APH Records. 3. Slice of Heaven also released through its indie label APH Records. 4. Legacy Of The Mountains- Released through Mondo Tunes and available at 750 sites worldwide.

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2012-06-08 at 07:03:50
me resulto bastante interesante su musica chicos .....buen trabajo
2011-09-06 at 15:39:17
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2011-04-06 at 08:49:31
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2011-02-18 at 08:08:45
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2010-11-25 at 05:47:17
Wonderful orginial music.
2010-11-23 at 15:34:23
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2010-11-16 at 21:14:19
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2010-10-13 at 22:22:41
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2010-09-15 at 03:05:37
Hi Guys, As someone born in India and who has lived in Assam, and whose family lived in Mynamar, fascinated by your sound. LOvely!
2010-09-03 at 07:29:27
My new song "(no more) LIES" was up-loaded. Please listen by all means.
2010-09-02 at 02:35:19
good day my friend i have 3 new songs:minimum wage,name with God ,victim lie...thx 4 listening
2010-08-24 at 04:09:20
Hello! Thank you very much for the friendship. I was charmed by your music very much. Please listen to my musical piece by all means. Give a listen if you have the time. I need the feedback!!! This song is music that I offered, and the woman is singing. SHOKEO performs in gSTING ME, BABYhand VIDEO, and SHOKEO sings. *** Twitter me : *** okeo oromanchistripperband p/artist/shokeo/id3758610 15
2010-08-07 at 09:31:47
Thanks so much for the fan add abiogenesis. Really do love your songs. Great stuff you got there. Debbiez
2010-05-12 at 01:50:33
greetings from Serbia! nice music there! please,listen my Serbia not suport artists...H E L P
2010-05-11 at 03:21:04
Hi Congratulations on becoming a Featured Artist! http://www.reverbnation.c om/#/the39erbrothers
2010-05-06 at 05:23:44
i have a new video on youtube.... "its all in the past" cyril harris...its directed by my friend david tanner of schenectady videos.please check it out if you get a chance
2010-04-20 at 14:53:44
Dear friend, thank you for your support, we wish you all the best! Aineshana
2010-03-12 at 12:23:46
Nice original sound / vibe. Best wishes for wherever life and the music may lead you . . .
2010-02-24 at 21:36:42
~Hi, dig your music. We just became your fan, we could use some help maybe getting a few fans of our own. If you have a moment would you become our fan? Thank you so much. Be well. ~Trip Johnson Band
2010-02-16 at 07:47:53
"Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Paul.
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