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1.  Review: Great Band
Song Name: Hallelujah
Date: 2011-05-22 02:35:14
Reviewer: UR2


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Rock/Progressive Rock

About Us:
Tony Carey's career as a professional musician spans more than 35 years. He rose to international prominence as keyboardist on Rainbow's "Rising" album, for which he was recruited from the US band Blessings. After leaving Rainbow, he went on to a successful solo career, releasing albums both under his name and as Planet P Project. A native of California living in Germany, he is also well known as a session player, engineer, and producer. Purchase both Tony Carey's and Planet P Project's music at his official website, The December 2009 release showcased here, "Out in the Rain", is the third and final album in the "Go Out Dancing" series. The first album, "1931", was released in 2004. The second, "Levittown", appeared in 2008. Not only is this the final album of "Go Out Dancing", it is also the fifth and final album that will be released under the Planet P Project name. Future releases with be under the name "Tony Carey". Of note is that Tony Carey was diagnosed with a particularly virulent form of cancer in March 2009. He spent twelve weeks in the hospital, underwent five surgeries, and although his odds of survival were only 10 percent, he is healed and grateful to be with us. To quote Carey, "I'm missing some of my organs; you'll be relieved to hear that the Hammond isn't one of them." Tony Carey is already planning at least one new album, which should be released in 2010.

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About Zed Yago

Zed Yago is an established band from Hamburg, Germany. Tony Carey has joined the lineup on Hammond organ and other keyboards for 2010 (see photo, taken 30 December 2009) but will also be continuing his solo career.


Although we had hoped to bring you two "preview" tracks from Tony Carey's upcoming album, "Stanislaus County Kid," we've discovered that this isn't possible. The album is a mix of covers of all genres from the period 1958-1968 as well as some folk songs. Because these are not original compositions -- although the 21st century arrangements are very different! -- we can't include them on IM Radio. However, we've switched a few tracks and included the entire December 2009 release, Planet P Project -- "Go Out Dancing, Part III: Out in the Rain." The preview tracks are available at Tony's one and only official website,, which is also the home of his Official Shop for CDs and MP3s.

28 December 2009

On behalf on Tony Carey, thank you for your warm reception here at IM Radio. While some of you may wonder why a former member of Rainbow and its successor, Over the Rainbow, as well as a veteran musician in his own right has chosen IM Radio, there is a very good reason: Tony has learned from experience how much value there is in retaining his independence. Thus, he now sells his releases through his official site and has taken control of his own career. Until he made this decision, he relied on the staff at labels and promotions companies. The result? Many fans assume he fell off the earth 25 years ago. We're changing that! As his assistant, I do a little of everything, from working on his albums as they're recorded to finding great sites such as IM Radio so that both existing fans and a new generation can get to know his music. -- Season's Greetings! Julianne Blain-Wattles, Personal Assistant to Tony Carey

8 January 2010 -- Preorder New Release!

Message from Tony Carey: 'Stanislaus County Kid' Hi everybody Happy New Year! So, here comes another very special CD - I'm doing the songs I used to hear on the cheap little car radio roughly 1958 to 1968 you know, the ones that stick in your head and won't go away. Stanislaus County, specifically the town of Turlock, where I was raised, lies a little bit northwest of the direct center of the San Joaquin Valley in California right about where Steinbeck set 'The Grapes of Wrath'. In the fifties it was a very rural area, though I understand it's typical suburban sprawl these days. From 7,000 pop. To 80,000... We'd get AM radio from Bakersfield and San Francisco, being pretty much right between the two and of course, that included a lot of country songs, which you'll find here, too. It also included hundreds of San Francisco Giants baseball games, which I never missed although I'm slowly having to face the harsh reality that I probably WON'T be playing 3rd base for the Giants anytime soon. Even if they BEG me. Shipping date for this limited, autographed edition is 1 March 2010.There will be only 200 of the limited pressing, so get your pre-orders in now; they'll go fast. Be well and thanks again for listening... Tony Carey Germany, Jan. 2010

01.27.2010, Pt. 2

If you wonder about the genre "progressive rock" applied to all of the songs on the final Planet P Project release from Tony Carey, the reasoning is that the first four albums were all considered prog. Rather than split hairs, song by song, we've chosen to use the generic genre and let listeners decide for themselves. It's the same as which country is appropriate for Tony Carey. He is a native of California, toured with Blackmore's Rainbow in the 1970s, and has lived in Europe (primarily Germany) for 31 years. Before his struggle with cancer, he had hoped to return to the United States. That said, his primary fan base is in Germany, Sweden, and Norway. -- Julianne Blain-Wattles, Assistant to Tony Carey



Tony Carey -
No Man\'s
Land (Live)


Tony Carey -
Fine, Fine
Day (Live)


Tony Carey -
Blue Highway


Tony Carey -
I Saw a


Tony Carey -
For You


Tony Carey -

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2011-04-29 at 22:40:01
Hi Tony - Just listened to Border Town. Such depth and expanse to the production. Loved it. Made me want to cover it...
2010-10-13 at 22:24:43
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2010-02-24 at 21:41:24
~Hi, dig your music. We just became your fan, we could use some help maybe getting a few fans of our own. If you have a moment would you become our fan? Thank you so much. Be well. ~Trip Johnson Band
2010-01-15 at 15:51:47
Hey Tony, Nice work! Enjoyed listening in! Thanks for hooking up with Us! Glad to have you as a Friend! Have a refreshing weekend! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2010-01-13 at 10:42:33
Right On! Tony Carey..Wow! It's Awesome to make your acquaintance here!..Your work IS and Always has been Inspiring!..Rock On! Peace & Respect!...McG
2010-01-12 at 11:53:58
Hello Friend, To show my gratitude for making it on “The feature band Wall” I added one more song to imradio,“Remember I Love”. It is my way of saying thank you to all for their support. This will be for a short time only. Diana OhOh
2010-01-11 at 21:30:45
2010-01-10 at 03:18:25
Please have a look at the "NEW RELEASE: 'STANISLAUS COUNTY KID'" blog; it didn't post in chronological order. Best, Julianne Blain-Wattles Personal Assistant to Tony Carey
2010-01-08 at 10:35:59
Hello Friend, Great to hear you on imradio. I enjoy your music. Wish you all the best for 2010. Diana OhOh
2010-01-03 at 20:29:05
2010-01-03 at 14:07:15
Hallo, würd mich freuen, wenn ich einen comment von Ihnen bekommen würde.Ein echter Fan! Gruss aus Mannheim MOtzer
2010-01-02 at 20:38:28
Wishes for a wonderful 2010. As soon as possible with my new songs also in English Auguri per un bellissimo 2010. Al più presto con le mie nuove canzoni anche in versione inglese
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