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Davidlee Slate & the Revolvers's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Damn! Sounding great!
Song Name: How do you look naked?
Date: 2009-12-30

2.  Review: Not as good as I used too!
Song Name: How do you look naked?
Date: 2009-12-29

3.  Review: Great song! Funny! This band rocks!
Song Name: My Day Job's Cuttin Into My Nightlife!
Date: 2009-12-28


Davidlee Slate & the Revolvers's Information

Nashville, TN

Country Rock

About Us:
All original "Long Hair Country Music"!

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Happy New Year to all of my new found Friends! Davidlee

How Do You Look Naked?

Tell me what you think. No... Not You! THE SONG! Wink!


Flowh Calendar


2010-01-09 at 00:25:44
Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The Song and Video are here on IMRadio (video also on dawn). Paul.
2010-01-08 at 17:36:19
Nice work! Enjoyed listening in! Thanks for hooking up with Us! Glad to have you as a Friend! Wishing you a rocking weekend! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2010-01-06 at 04:37:20
Love it!! Happy new year, y'all!! Jen Houston
2010-01-06 at 04:36:30
Love it!! Happy new year, y'all!! Jen Houston
2010-01-04 at 06:26:18
How Do You Look Naked, is a great song. Love the lyrics and the playing is super.
2010-01-03 at 22:58:43
Happy holidays and a great and musical 2010 ! Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo 2010!
2010-01-02 at 09:15:45
Happy New Year and all the best in 2010!
2010-01-02 at 03:33:39
Wishing you a wonderful New Year Peace and Light to you Jennifer
2009-12-31 at 13:50:02
Haha! I just read your post on my page and yes I listened to all of your songs including "How Do You Look Naked?" Thanks for the friendship & here's to 2010! Cheers my friend....Chrissy
2009-12-31 at 11:30:41
2009-12-30 at 19:58:13
Thank you for your friendship...I really love your music. Have a very Happy, healthy, and a successful New Year! Chrissy
2009-12-30 at 17:40:14
Beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to send New Year wishes to one and all and bless them with good health, wealth and prosperity. Wishing you Happy New Year! Hugs, Diana
2009-12-30 at 13:50:30
Hey David..Happy New Year and all the best in 2010 !!! Jen Australia
2009-12-30 at 09:03:27
Hey Davidlee & Co. Long live long hair country...! See ya in 2010! ...keepin' the red in redneck country! ;-] Steve
2009-12-30 at 06:21:40
Hey guys, great song. Love a bit of country just been listening to Willie Nelson today actually! I'm new here so been checking out people's music, i hope you do the same for mine! Chris
2009-12-29 at 18:11:24
Have a happy, successful and healthy new year!!!
2009-12-27 at 07:43:44
Great One! Blind, Blind Date...LOL Keep up the great work...Friends in music...Lawrence Ingle...Lou. Ky.
2009-12-27 at 06:18:44
Hi my friends, lovely to meet you! I wish you a beautiful Festive Season and a wonderful New Year! Louise
2009-12-27 at 04:48:07
What awesome songs !!!! Really enjoyed my listen here David :)Thanks so much for your friendship and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas :) All the best to ya.. Jen Australia ((*_*))
2009-12-26 at 07:00:16
Cool !!
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