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The Breeze's Song Reviews

1.  Review: I really love this - great package of lyrics and music.
Song Name: Dream
Date: 2010-07-27 04:45:43
Reviewer: Calley Daniel

2.  Review: Gives you that nice cool afternoon vibe that we all love.
Song Name: Native
Date: 2010-06-26 22:03:10

3.  Review: I like this song!Cool!
Song Name: Bombshell
Date: 2010-06-20 04:39:47


The Breeze's Information

Raleigh, NC

Soft Rock/Reggae

About Us:
The Breeze was formed in the Summer of 2006 when the drummer, Andrew, and two guitarists from Southeast Raleigh HS's jazz band, Matt and Mitchell, got together with good friends Will and Tyrone for a jam session and we've been doing so ever since... The Breeze has played a variety of shows and venues including graduation parties, birthdays, Relay For Life, Raleigh Music Hall, Lincoln Theatre, Java Divine, Mr. Toads, and at other requests. We are currently working on getting some shows together for the summer. We will try to get some more recordings too! Also check us out at and join our facebook group called Ride The Breeze THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

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Sorry about the sound quality of the songs everyone, you may have to turn up the volume a little. Thanks for stopping by!


Flowh Calendar


2010-02-05 at 00:34:26
Hey Guys, Thanks for adding us! You have a good sound. Keep on rockin' to the groove. -REDHOUSE
2010-02-03 at 07:19:21
I like your music. Thanks for visiting. Araybia
2010-02-01 at 05:33:42
Hey guys... Really love what you're putting together there in Raleigh and the way it came about. You're going to be a really awesome group some day. A few tweaks here & there and people are going to really begin noticing you. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication along with a lot playing hours, but when you've got the talent that you guys have it's worth it. Keep at it, sounds great! And thanks for being a fan... it's now mutual! - Magic Potion
2010-02-01 at 03:13:17
Thank You so much for takeing the time out of your day to visit my site I think of it as a grest honor.I have left the music Bizz for good so it means a lot to me.I haven't hear your music yet but foward to hearing it now, George Dalton P.S Set Me Free is the only song that I sing
2010-02-01 at 02:34:54
2010-01-31 at 07:19:58
Andrew, Thanks for checking us out. All the best for your project, Jim "Gaspipe" Thompson
2010-01-31 at 05:24:20
thanks andrew ,for ur support and interest, all the best for u for 2010, may u be happy , our best regards, all the best wishes for ur success, the spookiies
2010-01-31 at 02:20:01
Just dropped by to say Hi. Have a Great Weekend! Paul.
2010-01-30 at 07:26:13
Hi guys thank you for becoming a fan all the best for 2010
2010-01-29 at 05:14:10
Thanks for becoming a fan of ours. You have a really cool sound! Good luck for a great future! Renee and the guys x
2010-01-28 at 07:16:40
Lets keep fighting the good fight.
2010-01-28 at 06:25:18
Hello guys! Thank you for your friendship here on IM Radio! Nice songs! Keep up the great talent! Best wishes! -Julian
2010-01-26 at 22:59:52
Hey guys...I have toured in that area! Honoured to be a fan.
2010-01-26 at 20:45:02
thanks for visiting ... I like the HS Jazz band thing ... I did that when I was in HS, and that could be my best memories of the time ...
2010-01-26 at 20:43:17
love the music...great feeling you get listening to it. keep going!! Alexandra Higgins RTO
2010-01-26 at 19:10:48
Thanks for the friendship. Cheers from Brazil, Andre
2010-01-26 at 19:08:17
Very cool sound & good production too. Thanks for checkin out my music & much continued success with yours. Sal
2010-01-26 at 13:21:32
Thanks for the friendship blessed
2010-01-26 at 13:02:47
Thank you for stopping by I am honored that you stoped by to lission to my stuff.I am nolonger Playing and will not play ever again .But to have you play my tunes when I am sure you are quite busy is a great honor Thank You
2010-01-26 at 11:25:35
Hi and Hello My Dear Friends, hoping this finds you in wonderful spirits, keep up the Magic Peace and Love
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