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The Breeze's Song Reviews

1.  Review: I really love this - great package of lyrics and music.
Song Name: Dream
Date: 2010-07-27 04:45:43
Reviewer: Calley Daniel

2.  Review: Gives you that nice cool afternoon vibe that we all love.
Song Name: Native
Date: 2010-06-26 22:03:10

3.  Review: I like this song!Cool!
Song Name: Bombshell
Date: 2010-06-20 04:39:47


The Breeze's Information

Raleigh, NC

Soft Rock/Reggae

About Us:
The Breeze was formed in the Summer of 2006 when the drummer, Andrew, and two guitarists from Southeast Raleigh HS's jazz band, Matt and Mitchell, got together with good friends Will and Tyrone for a jam session and we've been doing so ever since... The Breeze has played a variety of shows and venues including graduation parties, birthdays, Relay For Life, Raleigh Music Hall, Lincoln Theatre, Java Divine, Mr. Toads, and at other requests. We are currently working on getting some shows together for the summer. We will try to get some more recordings too! Also check us out at and join our facebook group called Ride The Breeze THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

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Sorry about the sound quality of the songs everyone, you may have to turn up the volume a little. Thanks for stopping by!


Flowh Calendar


2010-03-10 at 06:01:35
keep spreading the joy
2010-03-08 at 12:09:05
BUCKS FOR A CURE * What would you pay to crush Cancer? What would you pay to crush Alzheimer's? Go to CD Baby or iTunes and download THE SUN AND THE SEA by TONY DiLORENZO and your contribution will go to Cancer and Alzheimer's research. It doesn't mater if you love the song or hate it – JUST DOWNLOAD IT – because every buck brings us closer to a cure. With the click of a mouse you can help fund research that could put an end to these devastating diseases. * All The Best * Tony DiLorenzo * orenzo1 * *
2010-03-08 at 12:06:59
Thanks for reaching out and sharing some terrific music! I REALLY ENJOYED "BOMBSHELL" – WELL DONE. I wish you continued success with an endless supply of happiness and creativity. * All The Best * Tony DiLorenzo * orenzo1 * *
2010-03-08 at 01:42:56
Let us know when you are in San Francisco!
2010-03-07 at 16:19:42
When your music is the Sunshine in someone's life, you will never standing in the shadow. Thanks for your Sunshine. After Son † Amsterdam.
2010-02-24 at 21:42:49
~Hi, dig your music. We just became your fan, we could use some help maybe getting a few fans of our own. If you have a moment would you become our fan? Thank you so much. Be well. ~Trip Johnson Band
2010-02-24 at 16:30:21
Hi! Thanks for a lot! Great music
2010-02-18 at 08:11:29
Thanks to everyone for your friendship and support! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and taking a listen to my music. Thanks, Rod Riley
2010-02-17 at 02:12:55
hi, thanks for adding! take care
2010-02-17 at 01:50:49
Hi Guys,thanks for find me and being Fans and Friends!!!Greets JoJo
2010-02-17 at 01:49:11
Hey now nice to meet you..Nice work to all players..Cool tunes...Ron Sepe
2010-02-16 at 21:58:24
Hey, you make very good music. I'm right now enjoying it. Thanks for your friendship.
2010-02-16 at 20:43:14
Hello, thanks for coming to see me - and to listen! Best wishes, Vivien
2010-02-16 at 08:40:40
Thanks for the add. Listening to Bombshell now--nice kind of Reggae thing going on here!
2010-02-16 at 05:49:52
"Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Paul.
2010-02-15 at 00:56:53
like ur sound!!! " the breeze"..chek my tunes if u got time..cole.
2010-02-14 at 21:22:34
2010-02-06 at 03:41:24
Thank you for your interest....I'm just listening to your music and I like your relaxed music-style. Too much loudness is very often a sign for bad mastering.So I turn up my's really no problem. Keep up the good work and have a nice day.Kind regards from Muenster in Germany.
2010-02-05 at 20:54:54 tch?v=2D7Iws8EMbE Sorry ...there was a space in the last Link sent to you...this should do the trick...thanx so much for checking it out! Peace Frontline
2010-02-05 at 04:23:37
Thanks for adding us. Great tunes!!
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