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The Breeze's Song Reviews

1.  Review: I really love this - great package of lyrics and music.
Song Name: Dream
Date: 2010-07-27 04:45:43
Reviewer: Calley Daniel

2.  Review: Gives you that nice cool afternoon vibe that we all love.
Song Name: Native
Date: 2010-06-26 22:03:10

3.  Review: I like this song!Cool!
Song Name: Bombshell
Date: 2010-06-20 04:39:47


The Breeze's Information

Raleigh, NC

Soft Rock/Reggae

About Us:
The Breeze was formed in the Summer of 2006 when the drummer, Andrew, and two guitarists from Southeast Raleigh HS's jazz band, Matt and Mitchell, got together with good friends Will and Tyrone for a jam session and we've been doing so ever since... The Breeze has played a variety of shows and venues including graduation parties, birthdays, Relay For Life, Raleigh Music Hall, Lincoln Theatre, Java Divine, Mr. Toads, and at other requests. We are currently working on getting some shows together for the summer. We will try to get some more recordings too! Also check us out at and join our facebook group called Ride The Breeze THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

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Sorry about the sound quality of the songs everyone, you may have to turn up the volume a little. Thanks for stopping by!


Flowh Calendar


2010-04-05 at 17:04:05
Thanks for the add. 'Native' really does it for me! See you at MySpace and Reverbnation! Cheers, Paul (Sky Rats)
2010-04-05 at 10:16:29
Just dropped by to say Hi. Have a Great Week! Paul.
2010-04-04 at 00:45:38
Hi my friends, just stoppin by to wish you some beautiful Easter days, and a great weekend! Kimmy
2010-04-01 at 18:56:31
Hi!Check our tracks.Regards.
2010-03-29 at 22:24:52
thanks for the add my friend ;) have a visit to my isound page for more music & have a great week xox Lulu
2010-03-29 at 12:16:42
I like your sound! Would love to hear more. Keep 'em coming!
2010-03-29 at 01:34:38
Thank you for the friendship! Enjoy your easygoing tunes -- Dream is especially a favourite of mine. Much respect and best to you all.
2010-03-29 at 00:40:31
Hi ! Great music you have got here ! Thank´s for becoming a fan of mine ! Take care and keep on "Catch the Beauty of LIfe" / Denne
2010-03-28 at 22:19:11
thxs for the add,cool tunes,drop by anytime,adios mario io_pompetti
2010-03-28 at 18:54:41
Good work, clear sound and songs, perfectly composed! Un saludo, Ph.
2010-03-28 at 18:51:56
Like the tunage here guys!! Be back for more! Peace! Adam-Son ;-)
2010-03-20 at 06:01:02
Hi guys! I'm really lovin' your tracks, especially "Dream"! Thanks for finding me on this great imRadio! Drop in and say hi sometimes... Peace, Carissa
2010-03-19 at 11:42:45
Nice Grove...I liked it..Keep it up
2010-03-18 at 23:51:30
hello just dropping by to give you heads up on our magazine and advertisements and ptomotions ad feel fee to contact us at info.barriomagusa@yahoo.c om or visit us at usa
2010-03-15 at 09:13:48
Great sounds. Regards, Jack
2010-03-13 at 07:22:52
i like the cool easy vibe of "dream"
2010-03-12 at 03:24:34
Hi :)
2010-03-11 at 07:20:37
Hey Guys. Stopped by to wish you a greatweek. Gonna check out your myspace page now.
2010-03-10 at 06:01:35
keep spreading the joy
2010-03-08 at 12:09:05
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