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hi im luke i hope you can give a listen my music! thank u Luke

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conoscono il

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2010-01-26 at 06:51:35
Just added a new tune so if you get time, let us know what you think. It's called "Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere" It might take a day or two to show up. Thanks!
2010-01-20 at 11:25:03
Hi Luke! I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I was picked to be on the Featured Bands section on the Homepage of IMRADIO!! Thanks for being my fan and have a great week!!
2010-01-19 at 18:42:30
Hello, Thanks for the friendship. Cheers, Andre
2010-01-19 at 17:27:41
I am good!! Hope the same for you! Hugs, Diana
2010-01-19 at 00:58:51
Hi Luke! I enjoyed listening to your music! It was very relaxing to me, I really liked it a lot!! Have a great and happy 2010!!
2010-01-16 at 23:16:54
i hear a grateful dead influence.....i enjoy your music very much and your accent is cool also
2010-01-15 at 19:44:05
Hi Luke, Thanks for the add! Have a great day!
2010-01-14 at 17:33:20
Thanks :) Hugs, Diana
2010-01-13 at 18:50:24
Just stopped by to say Hello and Listen!! :) Have fun!! Hugs , Diana
2010-01-12 at 23:40:23
Hello Friend, Congrats on making it on imradio feature bad wall. Have a musical 2010. Diana OhOh
2010-01-11 at 00:04:20
all egr Best to you and your music in 2010....Peace.... Frontline
2010-01-09 at 18:24:25
Truly said week-ends clear away the rust of the whole week!! Have a rocking week-end!! Be Blessed!! Cheers, Jasmine
2010-01-09 at 00:22:49
Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The Song and Video are here on IMRadio (video also on dawn). Paul.
2010-01-07 at 02:25:22
October night is a sweet song! I feel so calm and relaxed... It´s such a nice pop song, of course, if it´s ok for you to call it a pop song! :) Great!
2010-01-06 at 04:59:09
cool hand's luke....brings back some nice memories
2010-01-04 at 06:17:46
Just the Light - a very cool song. I like the way you've presented this music.
2010-01-02 at 20:41:37
Wishes for a wonderful 2010. As soon as possible with my new songs also in English Auguri per un bellissimo 2010. Al più presto con le mie nuove canzoni anche in versione inglese
2010-01-01 at 16:46:25
Glory to God in highest heaven, Who unto man His Son hath given; While angels sing with tender mirth, Calley comes to wish A glad new year to all the earth!:)
2010-01-01 at 15:59:58
What the future holds for us depends on what we hold for the future. May all your days be beautiful and bright.. Keep your face to the sunshine Let a series of happy thoughts run through your mind. They will show on your face. Wishing you Happy New Year! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-12-31 at 20:41:36
Hi Luke, Thanks for the friendship. Happy New Year!!!
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