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Chattanooga, TN

Instrumental Rock - Electronica

About Us:
All songs on these albums are comprised of a pleasant mix of live instrument recordings blended with elements that were created with computer software. It seemed to me that it took forever to put it all together. A lot is involved it the creation of a work of art, and all efforts contributing to it's birth are well worth the labor involved. It was a big thrill to finally bring it all to a completion, and I sincerely hope that you get all the enjoyment from it listening to it as I did in creating it... Expression Overload got started around mid 2004 with the creation of "A Saunter thru the Forest". This one proved to be the longest song on the album. Inspiration for this one came from many a pleasant hike thru the hills and forests of Tennessee. "Worldly Behavior" followed being inspired from observations of the masses coming and going on a daily basis carrying out their ordinary everyday business. Then came "Journey to the Thumb".. This one was definitely inspired from some wonderful backpacking trips to a place on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona that resembled from a distance, a giant thumb pointed straight up. Shortly after, "Celestial Elegance" then "Peace in the Nebula" followed, both being inspired from countless nights of contemplating the Heavens on clear nights. "Smoke in the Thicket" soon followed.. I'm still not exactly sure what the motivation behind that one was.. it might have been something to do with my former addiction to cigarettes. "Vestibule of Immortality" was next on my musical "to do" list and was mainly inspired from the daily duties I perform while at work in the construction trade combined with the many different kinds of people I worked around. "Serpent's Remorse" was a fun one to create.. There was no real inspiration that I can recall, I just kind of threw that one together in a relative manner, building upon it whenever I found myself in a mood for a lot of acoustical entertainment. "Jeremiah's Wish was my ninth creation, and came about when I realized that my music style was starting to drift from the original Rock Roots that I once had so firmly embedded in my musical resolve. "West of my Indignation" brings up the rear and was fueled from the pent up frustrations we are forced to endure due to the conflicts and utter studidity we face from a world that can't seem to just get along. Neurosive Transmissions is still "In the works".. I published The first tarck, Impervious to Change as a single in 2010, and this was followed by another, to be track 2.. called, like the album title.. Neurosive Transmissions.. I published this one also as a single in 2011.. I have yet to come up with anything new since then because of distractions from the death of my wife after a long road of cancer.. I do have a couple of ideas in the works and hopefully, inspiration will soon return so that I may as well.. May your Instruments never fall silent, nor your Resolve turn cold...

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