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Isa Conar's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Cool song Isa!
Song Name: Poza obreb
Date: 2013-02-22 12:55:37
Reviewer: Lawsuit Pending Records

2.  Review: I Don't Understand Your Language, But I Love Your Music
Song Name: Nie umiales
Date: 2012-05-01 01:48:08
Reviewer: The Diamond Productions Family

3.  Review: A beautiful, moving song!
Song Name: Tylko ja
Date: 2010-12-09 17:04:47
Reviewer: Nostradamus

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Isa Conar's Information


Rock-gothic,classical music

About Us:
Isa Conar is a former student of a Secondary Music School in the faculty of classical guitar, and of the Academy of Music in Poznan (Master of Arts). She also has a post-graduate degree in psychology of social communication. She used to work with the following formations: Alca-Prim (I Kozienalia prize at the Festival in 1997), CONAR (honorable mention in the competition JAF in 2006 and winner of the Competition Radio Lublin "Movers on air" in 2006). In 1998, She received a music award from the curator of Lublin for composing music for the cabaret "Owczym Pedem po Wielbladzie". Recently she was a member of the band Alchemia (vocals and lyrics), with whom in 2003 recorded the single "Woda." In 2008 they recorded their album "Trzeci odcien." In the film "Daddy, don't drink" directed by Joanna Polak with music by Zbigniew Kozub, Iza Conar dubbed a child's voice. The film got an honourable mention at the 2nd VideoFilm Festival in Wegrowiec in 2005. It was also shown in Berlin, Paris, Vien, Edinburgh, and other cities. In 2010 she began to record material for her first solo album with which she is emotionally connected. She has composed,has arranged and has written the lyrics. In the near future she is going to release a single in Polish and English version of songs: "Forget me" and "Drops of anise." It is a mixture of stylistic, which she can not name exactly. "I only know that it comes from of my head and my heart". Currently she is still working on of English version of her songs as well as she is creating her further compositions.

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Flowh Calendar


2011-06-08 at 10:55:45
Isa, I'm new at IMRadio. When you have a moment check out the song I've added called "Tired Of Just Talking." God bless you, George Michael Dile
2011-06-07 at 18:41:02
Hello Isa! Thank you for your support! Have a nice day! Lenka & HematitT
2011-06-06 at 14:19:32
Hi Isa, I thought we were already friends here!!! Nice to hear your rockin' sounds. Hope all's well. Ava & Arthur
2011-06-06 at 00:12:35
Great vocals too :)
2011-06-06 at 00:10:20
Great rock girl!!!
2011-06-05 at 18:27:02
hi Isa :) greetings again... going well my friend and busy working on new songs for gigs..and how are you? cheers & blessings...
2011-06-05 at 18:12:14
Love and Blessings Isa, please visit me at
2011-05-29 at 06:57:26
hey, come visit me in Brazil. together we'll play a big hug, you're beautiful.
2011-05-28 at 19:13:49
Hello Isa :) Hope you are doing well :) -Allen Cox
2011-05-28 at 17:18:59
Thanks Isa!!
2011-05-18 at 04:23:52
I like the way your voice sounds... its all good
2011-05-17 at 05:42:31
Much respects. Wishing you the Best.
2011-05-11 at 02:53:51
Hello you are beautiful love your voice, thanks for visiting
2011-05-03 at 05:58:47
Hello beautiful, hugs and songs, you is beautiful and sings beautifully, please come to Brazil ... I hope you ... kisses.
2011-04-30 at 04:29:03
Thanks for becoming a Fan. I really appreciate it. Well done,Thanks for sharing
2011-04-29 at 23:44:20
They told me it was a technical failure that should be fixed rapidly... Let's see ! ;-)
2011-04-29 at 15:07:44
PLease add me:
2011-04-29 at 02:35:08
Hello Isa, I am good ty. Hope you are as well. Peace and good music:-), melinda
2011-04-28 at 23:38:23
Hi Isa, good songs!
2011-04-28 at 23:29:38
Hello Isa. Just passing by, listening to "Gates...". Now, "Poza ...". Thanks for the english comment. It helps ! You have a Huge Feeling !
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