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Barely Small's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Smooth vocals!
Song Name: Life On The Highway
Date: 2010-08-10 06:30:03
Reviewer: Diana Wilson

2.  Review: wow song has alot of energy
Song Name: Believe
Date: 2010-06-20 17:09:27

3.  Review: very good song it has a unique sound
Song Name: In Sight
Date: 2010-06-20 16:55:31


Barely Small's Information

Alexandria, LA

About Us:
The history of Brian and Stephen playing together goes back to 1998 when the collaboration between Brian and Stephen was born. Recording began on their debut CD entitled SMAKDADDY. Thanks to some good word of mouth... and hyping the CD on the internet, the CD sold fairly well, as far as independant releases go. Trying to strike while the iron was hot, they started working on a 2nd CD called JANUARY MOON. It came out in 2000, and again sold moderately. With all the time they had spent together, they started to feel the strains in their working relationship. They managed to squeak out one last release called GYPSY WOMAN. While it was a different direction for the guys, it proved to be the last offering from them. So began a time of no new music from the duo. Brian went on to do sessions with friends, while Stephen went on to become the lead singer of the band SLIENT DREAM, which he left when his son was born in 2002. A period of total inactivity followed. Stephen had been posting on the ZEBRA discussion boards when he was approached about appearing on the local Cerebral Palsy Telethon. He decided to call Brian, and the rest you can say is history. They quickly threw together enough material to do the show and began their partnership anew, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" was soon released. Their music can not only be found here, but on AiiRadio, IMRadio, Hound Music, and has been played on numerous internet radio stations and podcasts to name a few places. In 2011,"IV" was released as a free download.

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new music

Been working our butts off on new music...the flow is really starting to cook up!

new music

been slowly upgrading our recording equipment and am pleased to say the newer material we have been working on is tasty as hell!

blog talk radio

check us on tonight on Blog Talk Radio......where unsigned artists with ORIGINAL music can be heard http://www.blogtalkradio. com/bigdaddysmak Any unsigned band want to promote their music.......well ....just get in touch with us.......

doing it again........

another broadcast on BlogTalk Radio is comong tomorrow night......10 pm Eastern time.....Paul Butler, Sack of Hammers, John Barrell, and a brand new tune from BARELY SMALL!!!! We only play music of unsigned artists who submit original material. If interested in having your stuff played....feel free to get in touch with us.

Blog Talk Radio...upcoming shows

Hey all you bands out there.......we want to get your songs on our Blog Talk Radio show called Barely Small Presents.....where we feature bands that have ORIGINAL material and are unsigned.....the show is picking up quite a few here is the chance to really expand your listening audience. Just contact us....or send us an mp3 of what you want played...and we'll do the rest!



The Blade Of
His Knife




Hold You


The Look In
Her Eyes

Flowh Calendar


2010-08-24 at 05:24:44
I got an email about the upcoming show. Thanks for your support!
2010-08-19 at 05:14:30
Sounds great! Love your songs...I'm recording some of my songs with Jimmy Dean Brooks and would be grateful if you came by and gave us a listen. There's more to come. Look forward to hearing more from you...
2010-08-14 at 08:28:01
Sounds great. I need a break sometimes too.
2010-08-11 at 08:38:27
I see that ReverbNation has their own radio station, that alone makes it worth it. Thanks for the advice!
2010-08-11 at 01:59:01
Thanks for joining my movement here on IMRadio guys! very much appreciated! Keep the sound flowing.
2010-08-10 at 23:17:15
Honoured to be a friend...
2010-08-10 at 09:11:39
I'm on CD Baby. Is there a difference?
2010-08-10 at 00:27:43
Parabéns pelo trabalho! Gostei muito das suas canções... Um grande abraço e sucesso sempre!
2010-08-08 at 19:20:56
Thank you for the encouragement. :) The world has been doing a very effective job of ignoring me.
2010-08-08 at 16:39:29
Hi Stephen and the lads,Many thanks for your friendship,very much appreciated by me,wishing you all a great week. Peace,John.
2010-08-07 at 10:20:23
Thanks guys! JP
2010-08-07 at 06:45:10
Unspoken speaks to me. Nice guitars! I like the heavy bass.
2010-08-07 at 01:48:21
Hello friends, thank you very much for friendship! :)
2010-08-06 at 16:56:51
Hey guys, thanks for the add... enjoying Unspoken here dudes Will
2010-08-06 at 13:48:04
Yeah, If I'd have to pick an Ibanez, I'd stick with my JS1. Such a fine Instrument!! Peace, T.
2010-08-06 at 10:44:42
Thanks for the fandom. Nice Iceman axe!!! Tom
2010-08-06 at 10:08:43
Thanks for the add, I'll be checking you out and your Blog Talkshow too sounds AWESOME & thanks, DOCTARYN
2010-08-06 at 08:03:39
Thank you for being friends with “Musicians 4 World Peace” Have a myspace account?--Do stop by. ( s4worldpeace)-- PEACE--Michael--
2010-07-05 at 00:54:43
Want to wish all who are involved with IMRADIO, both those who are Artist and of course those on the technical end for certain, a Happy 4th of July...we all share the Love for freedom, especially freedom of speech, to be able to perfect our craft...with those words we paint pictures of Love, respect and persuit of happiness all over the world...Peace to all our brothers and Sisters of Music...Much Luv to you all....Peace ....Frontline
2010-06-25 at 21:01:18
Thank you are great keep in touch check us out on my page.
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