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1.  Review: Very Clever....
Date: 2012-10-15 17:40:14
Reviewer: North Country Flyers

2.  Review: Love it!!!!
Date: 2012-10-15 16:30:54
Reviewer: North Country Flyers

Date: 2010-12-06 20:52:04
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1


Steven Palm's Information

San Antonio, TX

Country; other

About Us:
" muse never sleeps...........!" ASCAP Songwriter/Publisher: Reach People Music (RPM) San Antonio, TX All the songs posted here are demo songs...I can be contacted at: for additional information. Thank you! God Bless Our Troops!

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Fun Country

...I like to put some fun in my country...keep my country fun! ;-]


...good day at the coffee shop...I hooked up with my hook! ;-]

Sturgis 2010

Put 4412 miles on the bike...Sturgis was a blast!

Joe Nichols

Had a good time at KJ 97 country station's pocket lounge witn Joe Nichols this afternoon...he's got another "naked" song in the works...! ;-]

Goodbye Pontiac Music Video Slideshow

Check out my YouTube "Goodbye Pontiac" (I Miss My G.T.O.) music video slideshow! Thanks! ;-]



Truck Ugly 



Flowh Calendar


2010-02-10 at 12:05:28
Now that's some fun(ny) Country. I dig your music. Humvee definitely came from Texas. I enjoyed your music. Thanks for joining up with The Er's
2010-02-09 at 14:42:58
I wish I had some insight where to play in San Antonio I love it there!
2010-02-09 at 05:47:01
Just listening to your tunes, Steve. Love it - you got a wonderful Country lilt and the lyrics and the melodies are killer fave is Big Block Dual Quad 413. I also really like Humv - great patriotic song. Love your stuff, man.
2010-02-09 at 05:35:26
Hey Steve, You were close on the Tbird year - I looked up the original photo (taken at a classic car meet - what else) and it's a '64. Thanks for coming by and listening, much appreciated.
2010-02-09 at 00:09:19
OOO Yeah am a Great fan o country and I love your music Stephen.. Blessings In All That You Do Peace Val
2010-02-08 at 05:37:09
Sorry I haven't kept in touch. I am having some problems with my heart.So I have been at the doc's almost every day.It seems I need a opperation so I'm getting it done on tuesday.After that I make up my mind on what I want to do.
2010-02-08 at 05:33:12
Hey, thanks for becoming our fan. We love Country Rap Boys..... -Steve S.
2010-02-07 at 01:35:43
Hey Steve! Thanks for the wall post. Glad you dig the music. Stay tuned, more tracks are coming down the pike!!!! Enjoyed your music as well, and psyched you're supporting the troops overseas!! We'll be doing the same!
2010-02-01 at 23:17:17
Steve , Is that a 66 Dodge truck with the automatic shifter on the dashboard! Now that is a classic!...The Charger is nice too. - rr
2010-01-29 at 02:09:10
Hey Steven, greetings from your Arkie neighbors! You got some great songs on here man,keep up the good work! - Robin and Tim.
2010-01-27 at 23:48:42
Steve--hey man--thanks for the support...believe it or not, I even dig some Kentucky Bluegrass...and I'm all about largemouth bass fishing--it's all good!
2010-01-27 at 12:11:14
Another country bluegrass band you forgot arrowsmith
2010-01-27 at 03:57:31
Hey Steve I can sum it up in two words what the record company's think is talent Brittany Spears.
2010-01-27 at 01:07:03
Hey Steve, great to hear from you! Get your lyrics to me and I'd love to help with your blues tune. Always dig puttin' down blues tracks!! BB/NPM.
2010-01-26 at 22:57:53
No these guy's are scum and I want no part of them.They are just like a bank they don't want to lay out a dime without knowing its comeing at the highest interest rate poss
2010-01-26 at 17:21:34
thanks steve all the best! wally
2010-01-26 at 12:54:13
Hi Steve I'm sorry If I sound Pissed off well I am.Last week we were in a rather large lable we were there to sign a deal 2 lp Deal them came the claus they my female singer to pop 1 of her boobs out at a show she is really gifted they had plans to have news papers there They said it would good pub to help us take off because we be on the 6 o'clock news they also wanted me to make tunes more sexie so they could sell us easyer.Now comes the good part 1st they were going to lay out 40'000 to time waner for copy's of the cd wouldn't tell us how many and give us a 40,000 advance to be paid as the lp sells @27% interest now if the lp doesn't sell 50'000 units with in 6 Months they would drop us and we would be responcable to pay back any un paid money in other words screw you hard.Now I can take the money part but my singer is not undressing so they brought in a nother singer but one problem she can't sing not a lick so after that I have desided that I would neverplay again.So thats whats going on
2010-01-26 at 10:31:50
Thanks Steve, I now know 1 more person who thinks like me I hear in I like longnecks and rednecks Keep the faith.Talk with you soon
2010-01-26 at 09:17:35
Hi Steve, When I was touring with Joe Cocker every time before we hit the stage I would thank him I was raised It was a honer to play in front of people not a right I guess I'm old school.
2010-01-25 at 12:36:58
Yea steve,30 yrs on the road can do that to ya.I'm not sleeping lately sence I have desided not to play anymore I'm tired of band members who think there Elvis and the ego's to go along with it. I rather just walk away.they don't think I will do it but its done
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