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Yonkers, NY


About Us:
We are a Sixties Band recently moving over into Blues and Alternative Country.WE is (Me) I use Session Musicians when on the road but am quite comfortable SOLO as well The 2 Tunes you here at this site is from our released EP on itunes entitles '530 EAST 87 Street. Find out more about us on myspace at -Or- Reverbnation

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2013-07-11 at 17:50:30
Wow!!!!!Sorry folks-Have not been here in months and months!!!!!Serious Back Injury-Hope all is well with Paddy and the Gang......
2011-12-02 at 16:40:33
you rock Bob...thanks for your wonderful 2012 prediction on Facebook. By the way, enjoy your upcoming holiday season! peace, Paddy
2011-11-29 at 03:20:03
Well Paddy-That is One of the Best messages a Musician Songwroter could ever hope to receive from the founder of a great site. Thanks and God Bless
2011-11-28 at 18:51:10
Hi Bob and Teemates, Iím digginí your outstanding music here on IMRadio, as I write you this note. Have a terrific week ahead! peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician
2011-11-26 at 03:22:00
Want to thank all including Paddy who started this station. Just passed 15 months on here so thanks all who stopped by to listen-Am sort of confused as to where I go with this station regarding Reviews of my Songs etc. Enjoy the soon to be here and over Merry Christmas Holidays-Comes in a flash ya know
2011-06-06 at 22:51:43
Truly apologize for not visiting more often. Been busy completing the manuscript of my book LAY MY GUITAR DOWN GENTLY. Look for it on any Bookstore shelf or online-Love ya
2010-12-05 at 08:24:18
Tis Holidays Season and you know what everyone? God bless us all with the Pece of shining beautiful light the remainder of our days
2010-10-14 at 23:43:10
You can DOWNLOAD FREE My album "Free Life" (Hip-Hop / Reggae / Ragga) with 13 of the 15 original tracks on the album. YOU ENJOY! maquetas/ver/reas/vivir-l ibre/33895 ( la)
2010-08-30 at 22:48:28
To all my friends and fans here ar IM RADIO. Cannot begin to express my appreciation for the site. And wish to thank all for dropping by for a visit. I could use some reviews on these songs if anyone gets a chance-Good or bad-does not matter. Thanks BOBBY
2010-07-13 at 10:41:08
Bobby Bobby !!! I'm back online..Finally :) Had no net connection since we moved..too many trees and to far out in the bush to get a satellite where near as fast as good as what we had, but better than naught !!Great to be back..Hope you've been well sweetie :) Much love always..xoxo
2010-02-25 at 13:08:20
Great sound. Thanks for sharing the early photos. Best wishes for wherever life and the music may lead you . . .
2010-01-23 at 04:09:42
Hi All-Am in Europe till the end of the Month. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Odd thing. Someone here in France told me they got word on me through IM RAIDO!!Thanks Paddy
2010-01-23 at 04:07:35
Hi All-Am in Europe till the end of the Month. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Odd thing. Someone here in France told me they got word on me through IM RAIDO!!Thanks Paddy
2010-01-22 at 13:20:26
Hi my friends, it is lovely to meet you! Louise
2010-01-06 at 03:42:36
Hi Bobby Love..Just checking in on ya to see how you're doing..How was your New Year..Hope it wasn't as boring as mine..haha. Sending loads of love and hugs your way..xoxox
2009-12-30 at 13:39:10
Bobby Dearest, I feel the same :) wonderful to see you here:) I'm really loving this site.. Have a very fun but safe New Year Celebration Bobby..and always much love to you..Been wonderful meeting you and your awesome music this year..Here's to many more years of friendship..xoxo
2009-12-23 at 11:33:31
Hi Bobby...Love to see you...Merry Christmas,Marc
2009-12-23 at 01:05:25
Wishing you Peace and Happiness in this Joyous Season! Paul.
2009-12-20 at 10:00:57
Hey Bobby !!! Great to see ya here..I can't see anyone's music players for some reason..Just a blank space..How are you...? Merry Christmas sweet friend..xoxo
2009-12-01 at 03:07:33
Absolutely nice to meet you folks as well and all the folks at IM Radio. Do not know how long IM Radio has been up (came across it last night on myspace music page) but can assure all-I will let all my fans know I am here and promote the site already with a banner on myspace page. Take care and stay well and all the best in your music which I will listen to later this day. Bobby
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