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Song Name: bittin by a vampire
Date: 2009-11-22


Aman's Information

Pompano Beach, FL

About Us:
Aman Lexidor a singer/rapper/songwriter/dancer 23 yr old Dominican-Haitian, Born in Miami Beach but raised in Pompano Beach with both parents being Haitian immigrants and having minimal command of the English language, Aman had to learn the American method single-handedly. During his early years, Aman was not aware of his lyrical talent. Although during his 6th grade year in school, he began to remix the present music to make it more relatable to him, which in the end sparked a lifelong dream unachievable by most. Not only does he want to make hits, he wants to make history. As an Artist his goals are simple. Of course, he takes the recognition, chart-toppers, and awards when that time comes, but true-to-heart, He just wants to entertain as long as he desire to. And to him it

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Flowh Calendar


2009-11-29 at 07:08:30
Hi Aman,thanks for being Fans and Friends!!!Greets JoJo
2009-11-28 at 23:12:43
Thanks for the fan ad!I enjoyed your music!!
2009-11-28 at 17:16:00
Pleased to meet you Aman. Dominican-Haitian is cool: keep up your great roots!!! Love your work, well done! Love & respect, Plain
2009-11-28 at 04:53:29
Hi Aman, lovely to meet you! Louise :):):)
2009-11-28 at 04:50:09
Aman, great tunes, good arrangements, nice use of musical space. Your new fan, the LimboManBand, Buckeye Ocean, OH. PEACE/LOVE/HOPE!
2009-11-27 at 01:58:52
hi, good stuff SCOTT
2009-11-27 at 00:30:28
THANX! All the best!
2009-11-26 at 23:08:20
Love your sound its really now, Patty
2009-11-26 at 17:55:19
2009-11-26 at 09:21:20
Great Work Aman! Enjoyed Listening In! Welcome! Thanks for hooking Up With Us! Gladtohave you as a friend!
2009-11-26 at 08:57:41
thanks for dropping by Aman.... nice work my friend! all the best.... Nick.... :)
2009-11-25 at 19:53:41
Wishing you peace and light on this Thanksgiving!! Happy to be your new friend:) xoxox Jennifer
2009-11-25 at 17:01:09
Hi, thanks for your support and friendship! Your new fan, EvanRose
2009-11-25 at 06:26:45
A N U N N A K I will come!!!
2009-11-24 at 15:42:19
hank you for your friendship Aman! All the best with your music. The Fores
2009-11-24 at 09:11:35
Hi Aman! Thank You for your support! Take Care, Gary
2009-11-23 at 18:26:38
Hey IMRadio is really cool, what say??
2009-11-23 at 15:48:29
Hello Aman. COOL music,very interesting. Have a happy week. Greetings, Iza.
2009-11-23 at 15:30:05
Thank ytou for your friendship. Love your stuff!!! visit me on k You can get my brand new Album tonight FREE form my site!!!
2009-11-23 at 06:10:33
thanks fa becomming a fan.
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