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Keith Fellows's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Royal Lika!
Song Name: Gotta Get A Friend
Date: 2013-06-30 20:17:04

2.  Review: This track puts me in mind of Billy Joel - which can't be all bad!
Song Name: American State Of Mind
Date: 2010-08-26 17:46:14
Reviewer: Paul Butler

3.  Review: Beautiful song by a great writer. Hope to cover it if I can do it justice.
Song Name: Isn't It Wrong.
Date: 2010-08-26 17:44:19
Reviewer: Paul Butler


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About Us:
" I am looking for an artist to perform and record my songs ." I am a songwriter. Some of these recordings have been done for me by a Professional outfit called SCAMP Studios (with a bit of tweaking done by me afterwards). I am playing some instruments and harmonising on some of them. See if you can spot which! The videos I produced myself. My dream is for someone to DO one of my songs. Hope springs eternal eh?. SONG NEWS : "The Girl On Page Three" made the FINALS of the UK Songwriting Competition 'Tongue Tied Again' made the Semi Final of the UK Songwriting Competition 2007. Semi Finalist UK Song Contest with 'American State Of Mind' and 'I Am A Soldier' -2008. 31st Dec 2007 - Tongue Tied Again has entered the Broadjam Jazz - Swing Top 10. 10th Jan 2008 - Tongue Tied Again has entered the bROADJAM Jazz - Swing Top 10. 20th Feb 2008 - Tongue Tied Again has entered the Broadjam Jazz - Swing Top 10.

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Picked Up My


Tongue Tied


The Soldier 


State of


The Girl On
Page Three

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2010-04-04 at 22:47:02
Hey thanks for adding me dude. i appreciate the support. come check out the new site at usarrelsproductions and let me know what ya think of everything! thanks again bro. have a blessed day.
2010-03-27 at 04:14:36
We're everywhere, aren't we, Keith? ยด__` Very funny 'Bye bye' video!! Un saludo, Ph.
2010-03-23 at 00:34:16
Hey : ) XOXO
2010-03-21 at 03:04:35
thanks keith for ur support, we will follow you , cause we do like your music, lets spread the spookiies sound around you , thanks
2010-03-20 at 17:35:46
Hi, nice to meet you
2010-03-18 at 07:59:13
2010-03-17 at 22:17:05
Really good songs! excellent lyricist, great melodies! Peace!
2010-03-17 at 15:06:16
Nice stuff :)
2010-03-17 at 09:42:45
Hello Keith. Very cool songs. Glad we found you. Phil the Er on the left.
2010-03-17 at 03:53:51
Thank you for your friendship. I'm right now enjoying your music.
2010-03-16 at 21:23:38
Unique-great writing Keith!Thanks for listening to my songs.
2010-03-16 at 17:03:09
Hi Keith - Thanks for checking out my music. You've got a very cool talent for writing very cool tunes. I like your sense of humor. Keep up the great work & all the best of success in 2010. Your new fan - Sal.
2010-03-16 at 09:03:04
Thanks for becoming a fan Keith! Cool sound you have
2010-03-15 at 23:41:32
Hey Keith, welcome to the family! Best, Vivien
2010-03-15 at 23:14:41
Hey Keith! Thank you for your friendship brotha, Keep on Rockin!!!:)
2010-03-15 at 21:56:18
Thanks again for the friendship Keith.
2010-03-15 at 20:29:42
Hi Keith, thanks a million, great to meet you again on wishes, Chris
2010-03-14 at 20:56:31
many thanks. cool space . . . cool tunes. much love, djm
2010-03-14 at 00:38:05
Hi Keith, now I see you, ok I'll listen now. I've been writing for some years never been in a professional studio so not had a good crack at it yet. Will do soon totally committed now to my music. Good lyrics rythme top marks. Yes I'm a wee bit jealous I guess. Thanks my friend God bless you
2010-02-28 at 06:15:03
Hi Keith! I wish you a great week-end! Angel
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