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Song Name: Davilmar Piano concerto in c minor first movement
Date: 2010-10-15 23:41:24
Reviewer: melinda

2.  Review: Excellent song!
Song Name: Davilmar Piano concerto in c minor first movement
Date: 2010-10-15 22:47:43
Reviewer: Kamileon


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Miami, FL


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During the Modern era, many new musical techniques emerged. They were seen in melody , harmony , rhythm, meter, texture, tonality, and sonority . It is important to note that during the twentieth century not all changes in music were a revolution or a return to old ideals. Few changes occurred to the concepts of meter and rhythm during the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. For the first time in hundreds of years, rhythm became a more important factor and took on characteristics of flexibility and variety During the 1900s, new changes to melody occured in the areas of style, scale bases, and the role of melody

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My Music Comment

1-Your music is very interesting and deep! I like it ! Have a wonderful week! All the best for you, Noémie 2-Such tastefully composed music, mysteriously glamourous and intense, absolutely amazing. 3-It's always a pleasure to hear your dreamy music, Davilmar. Have a lovely day 4-I listened to your music as well, very relazing and peaceful experience 5-Thank you a lot for your words... It was great to read that words from a great musician like you... I'm fascinated with your music... Thank you again... Wish you all the best... Kisses from Portugal Inês Vaz 6-Your music is very interesting and deep! I like it ! Have a wonderful week! All the best for you, Noémie 7-Hi Dear Davilmar, My lovely friend :) I love your sound and honors me greatly being your friend:} Beautiful composition "The City of Magic" you are amazing pianist 8-Thank you for his kindness! Total honor in his visit :) Be welcome, always, here... with your beautiful composition!!! Peace and kisses from Rio de Janeiro 9-Very nice music compositions, Davilmar. Nice to meet you again, on your new MySpace page. Have a great week! All the best to you, always 10-Your composition are very interesting: are they part of a Major work for Piano and Orchestra? It would be great to know more about that. 11-THANK YOU MY CREATIVE FRIEND, I ALWAYS APPRECIATE HEARING FROM YOU...WISHING YOU AN INSPIRING WEEKEND, FULL OF MAGIC MOMENTS...WARMLY, X0X 12-Hello Davilmar my friend :) Your playing is amazing! beautiful sound :)I wish you all the best! Regards, Vassia from Athens 13-DAVILMAR, I FEEL PEACEFUL, LISTENING TO YOUR MUSIC, I SHOT THESE PHOTOS 3 WEEKS AGO NEAR WHERE I LIVE... HAVE A WONDERFUL MONDAY... ALL THE BEST, WARMLY, CAROL 14DAVILMAR, THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP DO ADMIRE YOUR MULTITALENTS, HIGHLY APPRECIATE YOUR TALENT, HOPING YOU WILL KEEP INTOUCH. WARMLY, CAROL


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2010-10-16 at 09:44:28
wow is all i can say to your playing. Ty for sharing your talents with the rest of us. I have alot more practice to keep up with you. You are beautiful in the sentiments in your melodies. God Bless you and in all your endeavors:-) melinda
2010-08-10 at 21:11:21
Hey there Davilmar, I'm really liking the music you're making. Very alive and unique. I'll be listening.
2010-08-01 at 18:32:39
hi Davilmar, wonderful work on your amazing song, Land of The Unicorn! peace
2010-07-10 at 16:25:39
Greetings!! We respect your views! Have a great weekend! Peace, Veronica
2010-07-10 at 08:10:05
If you get a chance, please check out the rock/reggae song and new (flag) video on "ObamaNation." Also, "Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Thanks, Paul.
2010-07-04 at 05:37:09
DAVILMAR, nice job getting on IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall. cool tunes. happy holiday. peace
2010-07-02 at 15:14:46
Hi DAVILMAR, great job making it up on IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall. Love, Calley
2010-06-29 at 03:01:03
Hi Davilmar, Congratulations on being a Featured Band. Have a great ride this week! Phil the Er on the left
2010-03-13 at 20:59:50
~Hi, dig your music. We just became your fan, we could use some help maybe getting a few fans of our own. If you have a moment would you become our fan? Thank you so much. Be well. ~Trip Johnson Band
2010-02-28 at 15:06:15
nice music :) nice bass harmony too ... have a nice day :)
2010-02-26 at 10:59:50
Hello friend, Congrats on making it on imradio featured band wall. Great to have you here! Have a great weekend. Diana OhOh
2010-02-09 at 02:03:30
Gretings my Friends Please visit my music store at: vilmarcdcollection
2010-02-08 at 03:44:45
Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The Song and Video are here on IMRadio (video also on Paul.
2010-01-08 at 08:07:37
Happy New Year. I must say that your music is performances are very Impressive. a style all your own.
2010-01-02 at 21:37:56
Wishes for a wonderful 2010. As soon as possible with my new songs also in English Auguri per un bellissimo 2010. Al più presto con le mie nuove canzoni anche in versione inglese
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